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Best Beaches in La Paz

La Paz, Mexico; the beaches, the water, the waves, and a ton of opportunities to explore the tremendous Mexican city.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The capital city of the Mexican State of Baja California Sur, La Paz is known for its beaches that offer a varied range of water sports and water activities that include snorkelling, kayaking, jet-skiing, and paddle boarding, etc.

The beaches too are located in close proximity to the city, which makes it one step easier to explore and have a sense of adventure. They have beaches that are a buzz among locals and tourists and also the beaches which are remote but safe. Like the Mexican food itself, La Paz offers different varieties to please different taste buds.

Below we have the 5 Best beaches in La Paz, which are a must-visit for family goers and solo travellers.

5 Best Beaches in La Paz That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Playa Tecolote

The magnificent beach is located adjacent to Playa Balandra beach, and the beach offers an excellent place for snorkelling, jet skiing, and many fun activities. The locals are friendly and are always ready to help a fellow tourist.

Facing the sea of Cortez and situated adjacent to Playa Balandra, the waves are not rough as a result, and the water sports and water activities are much more fun here.

If you get tired of all the activities, you can find umbrellas or palapas for rent. Food vendors are always close by and offer great snacks and drinks, and that too at a very low price. Or you can visit one of the restaurants by the beach, which also offers excellent food from the locals.

2. Playa El Tesoro

Playa El Tesoro is the buzz of La Paz city. Situated beside a major highway, the little beach is compact with various infrastructures that will sweep you off your feet.

Here at the beach, you can find kayaks, paddle boarding, palapas, umbrella, etc., for rent. Besides that, there are many restaurants which offer great food and the staff there are super friendly.

After having all the fun with kayaking or paddle boarding, you find yourself sitting under the palapas, eating shrimp and tacos, gulping beer, and watching the fantastic sunset of Baja California. Now that's how you describe heaven on earth.

3. Playa El Coromuel

Just 15 minutes’ walk from Marina Palmira, explore Playa El Coromuel in La Paz, with its enchanting beauty and mesmerising scenery. The beach is closest to La Paz city and is often a local hot spot for the citizens of La Paz. The beach is not crowded, and the locals are helpful. You can easily find a car parking spot, and on top of that, you can discover umbrellas for rent and restaurants with good food and beer.

Sipping beer after a good swim on the beach and then having a meal at the local restaurant might just be the elixir that your mind and body needs.

4. Playa Balandra

This is a crescent beach with unique rock formations around the beach. Perfect for photography or a family picnic. The sand is white and soft, and the water is crystal clear and shallow enough to let you swim. The beach is a perfect getaway for family and friends.

Rated top beach in many articles, the beach is surely amongst the must-visit best beaches in La Paz.

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5. Punta Arena De la Ventana

Beautiful beach, soft sand, great view, and a lighthouse. Punta Arena de la Ventana seems like one of those places that are straight out of a rom-com movie, and the beautiful part is that the beach is never crowded.

About an hour's drive from La Paz city, the beach is the furthest on the list, yet arriving there will be worth every ounce of your time. The soothing sound of waves and the seclusion will relax you once you arrive and witness the serenity and peace. The ambience of a mysterious and satisfying atmosphere on the beach will calm all your senses.

This is one of the gems in the 5 best beaches in La Paz, Mexico, that has its own natural beauty, unfiltered and unadulterated.

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Once in a while, it is necessary for the mind to get away from all the troubles of our busy life. The uncertainties of life can often drain our energy.

Watching a beach sunset with a beer in hand under a nice umbrella, is surely a nice way to leave our troubles behind. Happiness is in the little things we admire, love, and cherish. And to sustain that happiness, your soul must find comfort and peace in an environment that generates this sense of relaxation and harmony. The moon behind every wave, the subtle hint of tranquillity, and the warmth that this random moment generates is sure to recharge your body and soul.

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