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Best Things to do in Rijeka, Croatia

It is impossible to visit the city of Rijeka and not having it capture your soul with its plethora of activities there will leave you wanting for more.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Rijeka, Croatia's third-largest city after Split and Zagreb, is one of the country's major seaports. The modern city has a rich and varied history, due to the Austrian, Hungarian, and French Empires. The periods of occupation during which it witnessed the construction of extensive rail routes, ports, etc. the latter of which were destroyed and later rebuilt during and after WWII.

Today, Rijeka is an independent city in the Republic of Croatia. It is known for its maritime vessel building and the presence of a naval base.

So, if you are planning to visit, here is a list of the best things to do in Rijeka. Now, plan your itinerary to have a trip to remember.

5 Best Things to Do in Rijeka

Here is a list of things for you to enjoy in Rijeka:

1. Take in the view from the Trsat Castle

Located at a distance of 2.5 miles from the city center of Rijeka, the Trsat castle is a popular spot for both tourists and natives alike as it offers gorgeous views of the city from its battlements. It also offers facilities such as a café for refreshments, and a courtyard to sit down and relax in, which is why tourists consider visiting this place to be one of the best things to do in Rijeka.

Tourists visiting this place can also experience or view several shows, concerts, and performances which often take place here.

2. Kneel in prayer at or behold the Rijeka Cathedral

The Rijeka Cathedral is a roughly 300-year-old Jesuit church dedicated to St. Vitus and is located 0.40 miles from the city center of Rijeka. Its construction began in 1638 on top of an existing structure by Giacomo Briano. He was a well-known Jesuit architect of the time. However, the construction of this cathedral was finished 106 years later, in 1744, by other architects.

Tourists visiting this cathedral can admire the architecture of the cathedral, along with kneeling in prayer in front of St. Vitus.

The historical value of the cathedral makes visiting the place one of the 5 fun things to do in Rijeka.

3. Tap into your adventurous self at the Risnjak National Park

The Risnjak National Park resides at a 38-mile distance from the city center of Rijeka. It is one of the favorite activities of outdoor enthusiasts. Tourists and outdoor enthusiasts can expect to find a wide variety of animals such as bears, lynx, deer, and more than 50 species of birds, etc. along with a 3-hour trek that is sure to challenge them.

A visit to this national park can therefore definitely be counted as one of the top-rated things to do in Rijeka.

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4. Explore the Governor's Palace and Maritime and Historical Museum

The Governor's Palace and Maritime and Historical Museum are located at a distance of 0.30 miles from the city center of Rijeka and are a museum devoted to the early nautical or maritime history of Rijeka, along with having installations dedicated to furniture, and the Stone Ages as well. The museum was also the former residence of the Hungarian Governor during the 19th century.

The beautiful neo-Renaissance architecture of the building, which was built by an architect from Budapest in the 1800s, makes it worth a visit, as it enthralls tourists, who appreciate the various installations from the various periods of Rijeka’s history, making it a must-visit place.

5. Let your hair down at Sablicevo Beach

Sablicevo Beach is 2.29 miles from Rijeka's city center and is one of the city's most popular and must-see attractions. It is a small yet beautiful beach that is most popular during the summer season owing to its cobalt-emerald waters and pebbled beaches where people love to sunbathe.

Tourists who wish to bathe in the sea will find free showers and washrooms on site, which have been thoughtfully built by the local administration.

Key Takeaways

Rijeka has many more hidden wonders to offer besides this list of the best things to do in Rijeka. So, if you are planning a visit, head over to to make travel bookings and learn more about the place itself.

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