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Top Rated Beaches in Tampa

If you’re planning a cruise that leaves from Tampa, you won’t want to miss the 5 clear water beaches in Tampa.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you are in Tampa, congratulations! You have hit the beach lottery. You are just a short drive from the city and some of the most mesmerizing beaches in America. All these beaches feature powdery white sand, pristine surroundings, and warm and calm water of the Gulf of Mexico. Moreover, if you are traveling by cruise, well, that’s even better.

Whether you are searching for a full-service beach or a more secluded option, Tampa has it all. To help you decide between the dozens of mystic settings in and around the city, here are some of the best beaches in Tampa that you can visit.

Top 5 Beaches in Tampa

1. Ben T. Davis Beach

Searching for a nearby beach from Tampa? Consider visiting Ben T. Davis Beach. This is the closest beach from downtown Tampa, featuring white sand and crystal-clear water. Moreover, the beach witnesses a huge population of local volleyball players on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. It is also Tampa’s largest beach, where you can experience the magical sunset. Located near the Courtney Campbell Trail, this is one of the top-rated beaches in Tampa within the city limits.

2. Fred Howard Park

Located on the north end of barrier islands, Fred Howard Park is one of the most popular beaches and nature preserve near Tampa. The park features a connection with Tarmon Springs, which houses the famous sponge docks and a finger-licking collection of Greek restaurants. Besides providing a tranquil beach experience, the park also protects Florida’s natural wildlife. While visiting the park, you can catch a glimpse of a few famous faunal species of the area, including eagles and ospreys.

Manatees and dolphins are also quite visible on this beach. The beach also features a dedicated area for windsurfing and housing a picnic spot, which could be a great place to visit with kids and family.

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3. Indian Rocks Beach

If you are looking for the best beaches in Tampa that do not experience much footfall, then Indian Rocks Beach is the place where you should be. It offers turquoise waters with a clear sandy beach while featuring less emphasis on commercial development. Also known as IRB to the locals, this is a quiet and less crowded beach you can visit near Tampa.

The beach’s surrounding houses vacation and residential rentals. However, you will not find any famous big chain hotels around this area. Despite its off-beat atmosphere, there are a lot of things you can do here. For instance, visit the surf shops to take a look at the rentals and lessons they offer. The beach also houses various restaurants and bars, where you can spend some quality time.

4. Clearwater Beach

Often regarded as best-groomed, Clearwater Beach is one of the must-visit beaches in Tampa. This beach features tons of amenities, such as water sports, cabanas and concessions with shade, and more. If you find sitting ideally boring, consider taking up other activities, including dolphin-watching or fishing. You can also visit the Clearwater Aquarium and witness the former home of the Disney dolphin, winter. To add a bit more fun to your beach vacay, you can participate in a sunset celebration at The Pier. Following this, various nightlife and club options open around the area.

5. Fort De Soto Park

Do you want to camp on a beach? If yes, then Fort De Soto Park is a great location to fulfill this wish of yours. This park includes more than 1,000 acres of preserved land, covering five islands that are interconnected to one another. No doubt, this is one of the best beaches in Tampa. That’s not all, though! These islands are home to numerous wildlife. Nonetheless, the beaches are extensively beautiful, and the area houses a calm lagoon with sand bars protection for the little ones to play around safely.

Parting Thoughts

Hands down, these are the tampa best beaches, offering some of the most mesmerizing places to reconnect with nature. So, do not miss out on these locations next time you plan a beach vacay to Florida. And, if you need more details about your trip or book your travel, head over to

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