5 Best Things to Do in Tampa, Florida for Cruise Passengers

Here are few amazing experiences to add to your bucket list when you are on a cruise to Tampa.

The Sunshine State is all about the beaches and relaxing. But if you take a cruise to Tampa you will discover a completely different side to this place. Tampa is often overlooked by cruisers and the tourist in general but if you actually delve into the city, you will find a treasure for the tourist!

The incredible destination located on Florida’s Gulf Coast is ideal for a family vacation. Tampa is full of museums, markets, restaurants and botanical gardens.

5 Things Cruise Passengers Must Definitely Do in Tampa, Florida

1. Busch Gardens

This world-renowned garden offers a variety of fun adventures and activities for a family trip. Tourists are also served with food and entertainment in a platter. If you love rides, you will be ecstatic on the roller coasters in the park. Visit the state’s largest zoo to watch the animals roam around freely in their natural habitat. Feeding the giraffe from an open-top jeep makes you feel like a nurturer. The park covers the regions of Edge of Africa, Nairobi, Congo and Pantopia. Guided tours to the Serengeti Plain will give you a peek into the African wildlife.

2. Salvador Dali Museum

Lovers of the Spanish master’s surreal artwork will rejoice the museum to the fullest! The display of his absurd unimaginable paintings will enthrall you. The art visit might evoke some artistic streaks in you.

3. Canoe Escape

Another taste of nature is only 25 minutes away from the Busch Gardens. Paddle for two hours through the Hillsborough River whilst enjoying the scenery. If you are in for a little danger and adventure, paddle down the “alligator alley”. The river is also home to snakes, turtles, river otters, fish and other animals chilling in their natural habitat.

4. Florida Aquarium

The aquarium is swamped more than 5,000 aquatic animals and plants. It could be the first place you visit as it is located next to the cruise port. Finding Nemo is literally next to impossible in such a huge aquarium. Florida Aquarium is known for its outreach programs and conservation activities focused on sharks, sea coral and sea turtles. Must-see segments of the museum are Journey To Madagascar, Coral Reef, Stingray Beach, Wetlands Trail, Bays & Beaches. Your children can play in the Splash area while you embrace the dangers of a Dive with the Sharks.

5. Henry B Plant Museum

Plant museum is something unheard of. The museum is located inside the Victorian style, Tampa Bay Hotel. Part of the ground floor of the hotel hosts the Henry B Plant Museum. The entire building showcases historical Greek and Roman classical artifacts.

Tampa is one place along the cruise you must not miss! You will be enchanted by everything the destination has to offer.

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