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A Basic Guide to Cruise Ship Etiquette

Fundamental decorum all cruisers must follow.

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Cruise travels have definitely evolved over the decades and so have the onboard etiquettes to be followed. The etiquettes aren’t as uptight as they were back in the 50s. Gone are those days when you had to wear tight corsets as shown in Titanic and were prohibited from conversing with the staff.

Nonetheless, there are certain etiquettes to keep in mind when on a ship. Although laid back, respect the ship decorum and do the bare needful. There are no stuffy rules as such. Just the bare minimum!

No need to get anxious about packing for your cruise. The basic etiquettes have been quite simplified.

7 Cruise Ship Etiquette Tips

1. The Dress Code

Formal attire had been mandatory in cruises but things have changed over the decades. Although formals are compulsory in certain areas of the cruise, there is no hard and fast rule as such. But remember not to go too lax on the dress code and go around wearing jeans shorts. Remember, it’s a cruise and be aware of your surroundings and dress accordingly.

2. Punctuality for Departure

Be on time throughout the cruise. It is the cruiser’s responsibility to keep their eye on the clock and their feet moving. Return to the ship at the designated time. The quote, “Time and tide waits for no one.” applies in its literal sense in this case. If you hold the entire ship waiting for your departure, they are obviously not going to be pleasant to you.

3. Respect Diverse Cultures

You will encounter people with diverse nationalities. So, be tolerant of their culture. Remember that each country greets and meets in a different manner. Even the eating habits and cuisines may differ and you have got to respect their boundaries. The cruise ship may end up being a melting pot of cultures you can learn from.

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4. Politeness towards the Crew

Be polite to the staff and thank every person who serves you. This is the basic courteous gesture. If you need something, ask don’t demand. In case the waiter spills something on you, remember that they are only human and handle the situation with humility and refrain from humiliating them. Try not to leave your rooms too messy and untidy. Be considerate of the people serving you.

5. Line Up for the Elevator

It is not a very good idea to stuff elevators with your group of friends or family. Get into the elevator one by one and avoid the ruckus. Its irritating to be in an elevator with bickering children and the strong cologne hitting your nose. Avoid having loud conversations in the elevator. It’s the matter of a minute and you can continue with the chirping.

6. Take Precautions for Seasickness

Seasickness is common in voyagers. If you feel giddy, go to your room and do the deed in the washroom. You can even contact your doctor if you are prone to motion sickness and get drugs to counter the sensations. It is best to take precautions rather than spending your voyage in agony and illness. Carry a bag along with you in case you feel like puking. It is advised to eat simple food stuffs if you are motion sick. Be considerate of others and take care of your health.

7. Smoke Only in Designated Areas

Respect boundaries and do not smoke in the prohibited areas. You can freely smoke in the designated areas but do not breach the rules. It is rude to the non-smokers to smoke in public places on the ship. You are sure to be called on for that.

Follow these etiquettes in the most mannerly fashion. Show some class and alter your mannerisms onboard!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cruise Ship Etiquette

1. What does it mean by cruise ship etiquette?

Cruise ship etiquette says to treat the crew with respect, consider your complaints, wait for your turn, call home from your cabin, give up your deck chair when you’re not there, and engage others in real conversation.

2. What are the best things to remember on a cruise ship?

There are some basic things to remember on a cruise ship, such as passports, take the stairs, walk it off or take an exercise class, leave room for souvenirs and gifts, take lots of photos, research allowable purchases, get to disembarkation area early, wait to buy items onboard, don’t be afraid to haggle, and consider doing laundry onboard.

3. What is the etiquette for interacting with passengers on a cruise ship?

If you treat other passengers with respect and remember your manners, you'll always have a better time on a cruise. Instead of cutting in front of the line and pushing in, people should line up for things. Do not make enemies because you will see these people for a while.

4. What is the proper etiquette on the adult deck of cruise?

Adults can participate in certain activities on board the ship. These areas are not suitable for children, so avoid bringing them on the adult-only decks.

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