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5 Points to Keep in Mind for Your Cabin Steward

Here are a few ways you can be courteous towards your cabin steward!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Chivalry and politeness are the hallmarks of premium service on a cruise. Among several criteria, a cruise line is also judged by the kind of service that the crew provides. Cabin stewards are essentially the friendly butlers for the time on the cruise ship. Most cruise lines assign one crew member for two to three guests each. Cabin stewards are much more personal than your normal hotel cleaners. They are always jovial and happy to help you. Some cruisers even take a fond memory of their cabin steward back home. It is your duty to respect your cabin steward and not take their hospitality for granted.

5 Ways You Can Be Courteous Towards Your Cabin Steward

1. Tidy Up Before You Leave

A cabin is referred to as a “stateroom” on luxury cruises. It is understandable that your bed might be covered in clothes from when you were choosing what to wear. But be sure to hang your clothes and put them in the wardrobe provided before you leave to explore the deck. Sweep the bathroom for your articles before you leave. You don’t want a stranger having to take out your personal toiletries. Keeping your room tidy will enable the cabin steward to wind up quick and nice.

2. Greet Them

You may be sailing for several days on a mega ship. Create a rapport with your cabin steward. Smile and greet them as they do. Start with asking their name and addressing them by their name for a personal touch. You think they will remain unaffected by your indifference but a smile goes a long way. For starters, a chat casual chat about their families back home.

3. Tip Well

Dealing with gratuities is tricky business. Tipping is more of an etiquette than voluntary appreciation on a cruise. Cruise lines have their own tipping policies for various tours. Although there isn’t a policy to tip the cabin steward, a sizeable tip would be a sweetener. They clean your home for the journey every day. A tip could be considered as a thankful gesture.

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4. Respect Their Culture

The cabin stewards on the ship may be of various nationalities. A lot of them are known to be from Asia. They belong to several Asian subcultures which makes it their nature to acknowledge and mingle with people. Reciprocate to their friendliness to avoid hurting their feelings. Encourage your kids to be friendly with them and respect them.

5. Appreciate Them to Their Boss

The cabin stewards work under their head or the manager. If you are pleased with their service, be sure to put in a word for them to their boss. Apart from tipping them as a token of appreciation, praising them to their superiors would be a great gesture. This could even land them a promotion.

Respect and gratitude are the two virtues you must keep in mind when it comes to your cabin steward.

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