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Caribbean Cruise Vacation
Caribbean Cruise Vacation

A Basic Guide to Caribbean Cruise Vacation

Explore the best Caribbean cruise vacation guide and get inspired to cruise with family or friends.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Comprising more than 700 islands, the Caribbean has an island for every person’s taste and preference. Some islands are filled with vegetation, mountain trails, ample wildlife, and rainforests while others are known for their coral beaches and desert climate. The white sandy beaches and the crystal clear turquoise water are mesmerizing and inviting. When you add conch fritters to the whole mix, you know that you are in for a fascinating Caribbean cruise.

Make Your Caribbean Cruise Holidays Memorable With This Handy Guide

Best Things to Do on Caribbean Cruise

Whether you cruise the Eastern, Western or Southern Caribbean, there is so much to do that you will be spoiled for choices. Each region is distinct but they all boast salubrious weather, sparkling water, and pristine beaches. Some of the things that you can do when your Caribbean cruise ship drops anchor are as follows:

1. Most people go on a Caribbean cruise to escape the cold in the Northern Hemisphere. So, spend your time absorbing the tropical sun as you relax on one of the beautiful beaches.

2. St Thomas and St Martin islands are renowned for their shopping opportunities. Visit the luxurious boutiques and shops here to pick up gifts for family and friends. Do not forget to stop at the duty-free shops.

3. In Barbados, take time to visit the oldest rum distillery in the world – the Mount Gay Rum. It can be intoxicating, to say the least. However, practically all islands produce their brand and each one is unique and different.

4. Put on a pair of comfortable walking shoes and explore the rainforests and cloud forests in the Caribbean. Here, you can have an adventure like never before if you decide to zipline through the canopy.

5. In Jamaica and Mofongo in Puerto Rico, take time to savor jerk chicken, the local specialty. With ample fresh seafood, you can try other preparations, including the iconic conch fritters.

6. Go snorkeling just off the coast of Cozumel in Mexico to see the coral reef teeming with all types of marine life.

Best Places to Visit on Caribbean Cruise

Here are the best places to visit during the Caribbean cruises:

Eastern Caribbean: Here, you are welcomed by soft, white sandy beaches and gentle Trade winds. Many Caribbean cruises stop at Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and other Hispaniola countries.

Southern Caribbean: This is the place for stunning waterfalls, vibrantly colored butterflies, and stunning beaches. Southern Caribbean is the perfect spot for watersports, such as snorkeling, windsurfing, and scuba diving.

Western Caribbean: Here, you will be able to let down your hair at the beach and enjoy complete relaxation. But, do take the time to explore the rainforests, go snorkeling to see the coral reefs and explore the ancient ruins of the Mayans and Aztecs.

Costa Rica: Spend time in the protected nature reserves and see amazing wildlife, soaring volcanoes, and thunderous waterfalls. Replete in history and culture, you will not be bored when you visit Costa Rica.

Best Time to Visit on a Caribbean Cruise

While the Caribbean is a year round destination, December through April is the best time to visit when rainfall is minimal. Remember, the Caribbean has a tropical climate, so it has a rainy season, which is from May to December.

You will find that most people go on a Caribbean cruise from December to January and then again from March to April. If you are looking for cheap and affordable Caribbean cruises, book anytime from June to November which is the hurricane season. It is difficult to predict when a hurricane will strike, so be prepared to miss a few islands if you book your cruise during this season.


Now that you know all about Caribbean cruises, when do you cruise book online? Make sure you choose an itinerary that suits you.

Header Image by IsarDomains_com at Pixabay

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