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What Are the Best Things to Do in Limon, Costa Rica Cruise Port?

Enjoy your cruise holidays in Limon with these 5 amazing things to do.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Costa Rica is well known for its natural landscape and biodiversity. Costa Ricans are the kindest to tourists and travelers, and their culture radiates humility. The locals say, “mucho gusto” as” You’re welcome.” which translates to “It pleases me to please you.” Their kindness makes your heart warm and fuzzy. Apart from the tenderness of the locals, the Central American country devotes over a quarter of its land to conservation.

All the more reason to cruise to Costa Rica is Limon. But, since it is a less traveled place, naturistic elements are bountiful, and the destination hasn’t been commercialized to quite an extent. The rainforest region and the mangrove wetlands are all yours to explore!

Here are a few activities for a nature lover to do on a cruise to Limon.

5 Best Things to Do in Limon Costa Rica 2024

1. Tour the lush Veragua Rainforest

Veragua Rainforest lies in the mountains of Limon. The rainforest offers a variety of excursions for tourists to pick from. You can take a rainforest excursion to reconnect with your family. Papa, mama, and the kids could rekindle some family fun and learn new things about each other. Take a tour of the rainforest up high in a tramp and view the butterflies, crocodiles, and other creatures in their habitats. Pay a visit to the Foundation of Rainforest Research station to add up to your fascination.

2. Nature Spree

Costa Rica is known worldwide for its conservation projects. Stroll in the local nature preserve to educate yourself about the interesting flora and fauna. An animal lover would love to visit Aviarios del Caribe Sloth Sanctuary, where a Costa Rican family runs a non-profit sloth sanctuary and research center. Here, you will see the animals up close and learn a few facts about animal behavior. A tour to Bocuare Reserve will make your trip to Limon worth it. You can hire a guide to navigate you through the jungle and give information about the natural elements of the forest. The trip ends at the breathtaking rainforest pool, a Costa Rican signature.

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3. Swing on the Zipline

Ziplining through the dense canopy always gets your adrenaline rushing. You want to make sure you get ziplining in the majestic rainforest-clad region. Ziplining through the stretch will satisfy your need or speed in the calming tropical atmosphere. Make sure you look out for monkeys and toucans!

4. See Amazing and Beautiful Plantations

Costa Rica is famous for its pineapple, banana, chocolate, and sugar plantations. Tourists can choose a combo of sightseeing that covers it all. The upside of these visits is that you will get to taste the fresh samples right out of the fields.

5. White Water Rafting Adventure

Another adventure to pump up your adrenaline is river rafting. A rafting experience through the Reventazon River combined with a calm stretch of still water, engrossed in the scenery and wildlife, will rejuvenate your mind. For extra adventure and physical activity, you can go mountain biking and view the pineapple fields.

These are the reasons you mustn’t miss out on Limon when on a Central America cruise. You can incorporate these activities in your itinerary to make the trip exhilarating.

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