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5 Best Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta During Mexico Cruise

Here is the list of 5 fun things to do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during a cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Mexico is a land of beaches known for its traditional customs, art, food, and its warm, touristy, laidback appeal. Mexicans have a vibrant community which makes tourists feel at home. Puerto Vallarta stretches along the Pacific coast of Mexico. You must cruise to this destination to consume its culture, marinate in the supple sand underneath the sun and go for adventurous excursions. Puerto Vallarta is a full package which fuses leisure with adventure and adventure.

Out of the ample things to do in Puerto Vallarta, these will be the highlight of your trip.

5 Best Ways to Enjoy Puerto Vallarta, Mexico During a Cruise

1. Walk Along Malecon

Malecon is a restored walkway that stretches along the bay. The walkway touches the sea so much so that the salty sea water crashes along the rocks and rains on the passersby. Malecon is known for its sculptures; especially for the 9-foot bronze statue of a sea horse that stands tall on the street. The original statue was ruined due to the Hurricane Kenna in 2002 and then replicated as it was sculpted by Rafael Zamarippa. You will come across two prominent structures – high back chairs and a tall ladder being climbed down by two children.

2. A Trip to The Past

Mexican traditions are renowned worldwide. Puerto Vallarta has a lot of cultural heritage to offer. Treasured petroglyphs await to be at the elevation of 2000 feet in the southern region. The guides will unravel pre-Hispanic Mexican legends which will leave you wide-eyed. Later, visit El Tuito – a small Mexican village which will give you the authentic taste of Mexico with its special dish called “mole”.

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3. Marine Life Excursions

Seaside destination means ample marine life! You can pay a visit to Banderas Bay which is a known breeding ground for humpback whales to watch the peaceful gigantic creatures. An encounter with the friendly dolphins up-close with free food and drinks is sure to make your day! The special Sea lion Excursion will allow you to expand your knowledge about marine life and play with the flappy Sea lions.

4. Zipline Through the Canopy

Adventurers can take advantage of the rich vegetation and naturistic elements of the destination. Ziplining activities are popular around the Sierra Madre Mountains. You have an option to go with Mountain ATV Adventure which will take you to the heights of adventure. Or you can opt for the Extreme Canopy Tour which will take you ziplining into the depths of the tropical forests.

5. Shop at Rio Cuale Flea Market

The two-story market will present to you a variety of articles to shop. This is where you showcase your bargaining skills to the limit! You will find leather goods, woven handicrafts, pottery articles, and silver in the market. If you pressurize the vendor and bargain well, you may get up to 60% off on the asking price. So, return to the cruise ship with filled shopping bags on time!

Pack your bags and get onboard on a cruise that takes you to Puerto Vallarta! You are in for extreme fun and adventure once you land on the port.

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