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Plan Your Transatlantic Cruise to Get the Most Out of It

Check it out this useful information about the best time to cruise Transatlantic.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you are planning a Transatlantic Cruise, remember that you will be at sea for four or five consecutive days. So, you'll need to plan your time for cruise according to the weather. Summer months are considered ideal as the weather is best at this time. However, hurricanes and tropical storms can impact the sailing. If you are a seasoned cruise traveler and love a stormy weather, you might also enjoy a cruise to Transatlantic in winter months!

During your Transatlantic cruise, the ship will drop anchor at some popular ports of call, like the Canary Island, Bermuda, and the Azores. These destinations can be at the beginning or end of your cruise. It is prudent to remember that usually these ports of calls are not visited very often by cruise ships. Hence, you should make the most of your Transatlantic Cruise to explore the lesser known cruise destinations.

Best Time to Take a Cruise to the Transatlantic

Why a Transatlantic Cruise?

It can be an overwhelming experience to cross the massive Atlantic Ocean. You will learn about the olden shipping routes and marvel at how the seafarers of yesteryears cross the ocean with minimal technology.

Also, going on a Transatlantic Cruise allow you to relax and unwind without any interference from the chaotic outside world. You can use the time at sea to catch up on your reading, drink champagne at the deck, try your luck at the on-board casino, indulge your taste buds to a gastronomic adventure, and even pick up a hobby, like dancing or cooking.

Some cruise lines have dedicated Transatlantic cruises throughout the year while others offer it when they reposition their ships from Europe to the Caribbean or from the Caribbean to Alaska.

Types of Transatlantic Cruises and the Best Time to Board Them

The cruise lines that offer Transatlantic cruises offer either eastbound or westbound cruises. The Eastbound Transatlantic cruises begin after the Caribbean cruise season gets completed, and they are available in the spring season, usually from March through May. These cruises depart from major cities like New York, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Boston, and few other ports in the Caribbean.

On the other hand, the westbound Transatlantic cruises are offered from the end of the summer season in Europe, when cruise lines begin bringing back their ships for other itineraries. During this period, Transatlantic cruises are available from September through November, and most depart from European ports, like Dover in England, Barcelona in Spain, and Lisbon in Portugal.

Best Time for a Transatlantic Cruise

If you are wondering which is the best time to board a Transatlantic cruise, you will be surprised to learn that it depends on you. Since cruise lines offer eastbound and westbound Transatlantic cruises, you should decide which direction you want to sail to. This will enable you to choose a port that is closer to home at the start or end of the cruise.

It is essential to remember that the hurricane season in the Atlantic is from June through November. Hence, during this season the sea condition and weather may not be what you expect.

Another point to note is that during spring and fall, night temperatures will be cool. So, you will need a cardigan or sweater if you are opting for a southern crossing. On the other hand, if you choose a northern crossing, you will need a warm coat.

Regardless of which time you choose to go on a Transatlantic cruise, you can rest assured that you will enjoy an affordable, relaxing, and entertaining cruise. This is because most cruises have minimal ports of call and this make Transatlantic cruises quite economical.

Header Image by Photosforyou at Pixabay

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