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Enjoy Antigua Sightseeing During Your Cruise

Here are a few things that you can see and do when you come to Antigua as a part of your Caribbean cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Antigua is a popular cruise destination and major cruise lines drop anchor at this island to allow their guests to enjoy memorable shore excursions. Besides the hundreds of sandy beaches, Antigua also has many natural and historic attractions that are worth exploring.

Top 5 Exciting Things to do in Antigua While on a Cruise

1. Explore Antigua Cruise Port Area

The cruise port in Antigua is located at St. John and it is big enough to easily accommodate four cruise ships. The new pier is being constructed and then more cruise ships will be able to dock here. The cruise port is rather eye-catching with its colorful buildings. Here, you will find duty-free shopping malls, gift shops, restaurants and eateries, and bars. The port area is well-organized, clean, and filled with amenities to make cruise guests feel happy and welcome.

2. Visit Nelson’s Dockyard

The Nelson’s Dockyard is the oldest and still functional Georgian dockyard. It is situated at English Harbour and was constructed in the 18th century. Over the decades, it has been restored and now has an awe-inspiring marina and Georgian architecture. The marina is replete with restaurants, gift shops, boutiques, and other shops. There is even a dockyard museum and several lookout points that you can access.

3. Hike to Shirley Heights

Antigua has many lookout points and one them is Shirley Heights. The hike is a bit strenuous but will be worthwhile. Once you reach the top, you will be able to enjoy amazing views of English Harbour and mountain. It is an awesome place to see the sunset. On Sunday evenings, Shirley Heights becomes a party zone.

4. Check Out the Pillars of Hercules

Take a boat to access English Harbour and you will be able to admire the unique coastline of Antigua. It will also give you an opportunity to the Pillars of Hercules, which are tall, weathered rocks that look as though people are guarding the harbour. The view is fascinating and can be taken in only if you use a boat to reach English Harbour or go snorkeling.

5. Visit the Forts of Antigua

Antigua has many forts that are remnants from its colonial past. Most of the forts are located along the coast, and the most popular is Fort Berkeley. This small fort is situated at the entrance of English Harbour. Make sure you hike to the top of the fort to enjoy scenic views of the marina and the sea. The other fort that you should visit is Fort Barrington at the top of Goat’s Hill. It offers panoramic views of the surroundings and also allows you to enjoy a re-enactment of the colonial era.

These are some of the wonderful attractions in Antigua that await you when you opt for a cruise to the Caribbean. You can also go snorkeling as the island is surrounded by coral reefs and is teeming with marine life. You can also opt for off-shore snorkeling to Great Bird Island, Andes and Cades Reef.

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