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The 10 Best Family Beaches to Visit in Hawaii

Explore these 10 best family beaches in Hawaii.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Hawaiian beaches are often touted as the haven for romancing couples – and well they are – but there is one more very exciting dimension to them: of making the perfect setting for the perfect family holidays.

You can visit these Hawaiian beaches with your young children or your 80-year old grandmother and they’ll guarantee a gala time for everybody. Take a dig into which ones these are.

Visit these 10 best family beaches in Hawaii.

1. Lanikai Beach

The Lanikai Beach of Oahu is known for its unique textures and colors. Its waters are a distinctive shade of blue that reminds one of the crystals and its sand has a certain pebbly texture that makes for a most photogenic landscape. Even though this one has maximum appeal for those who want to lounge around and take in the divine views, there are also a lot of activities like kayaking and snorkeling on offer. On the weekends it’s full of locals and tourists alike, creating a very lively atmosphere.

2. Carlsmith Beach

Carlsmith Beach is home to a large variety of flora and fauna that you can have fun exploring, as a family. The shores are full of turtles. Besides, you could spend a day lagoon hopping in the various idyllic lagoons scattered around the beach. This one is seriously one of the best beaches in Hawaii to go to with your family.

3. Waimea Beach Park, Oahu

This one is for surfing enthusiasts. The beach hosts numerous surfing competitions including the Vans Triple Crown. And if you want to enjoy the best surf experience it can offer, visit during the winter months (November to February) when the waves are all high and mighty.

4. Wailea Beach, Maui

If you are a luxury aficionado, Wailea Beach will be perfect for you. It has some spectacular resorts like the Andaz Wailea, Grand Wailea, and Four Seasons to pamper all your senses. The natural beauty combined with the exquisiteness and hospitality of these resorts would guarantee a most amazing holiday for the entire family. Also, this beach is known for its beautiful cobalt water that children, in particular, would love playing in.

5. Kauna ‘oa Beach

Located in the Big Island, there is something that makes this beach truly special: it puts a limit to how many people can visit at one time – and the number is 25. While this makes the beach exceptionally serene and private, it makes for long wait times before you get your turn. For this reason, they say it’s best to arrive early in the morning when the crowds are scarce.

6. Honaunau Beach, The Big Island

Another one of Big Island’s many wonders, the Honaunau Beach offers a diving experience like no other. It has the world-famous “City of Refuge” that you simply can’t miss if you have any bit of an inclination towards diving. Besides, the beach is resplendent with beautiful marine life and spellbinding coral reefs that together make for surreal underwater views.

7. Hanalei Bay Beach

Hanalei Bay Beach is the place to be if you want to swim, snorkel, and surf while enjoying out of the world views of the landscape around. Besides the long and widespread of spectacular white sand, the green mountains in the distance create an enchanting view. If you seek to spend some calm, peaceful, and private time with family, Hanalei Bay will offer you the ideal setting.

8. Ko Olina Beach

The Ko Olina Beach could be one of the best places in Hawaii to head to with young children. Its gentle and shallow waters are unexceptionably inviting to kids and it is home to a spellbinding Disney Resort & Spa called Aulani. The young ones will surely have the time of their lives at this beach. And not that the adults will be disappointed either!

9. Makena Beach

This is the perfect picnic beach for families. It’s calm, serene, and offers stupendous views all around. When you go to Makena, don’t forget to grab a meal at Maui’s most loved food trucks that serve the most lip-smacking of delicacies. The two trucks park daily near the beach and are open from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. Most recommended things to try: shrimp, chicken tacos, and mahi mahi.

10. Punalu’u Black Sand Beach

The Punalu’u Beach is an unexceptionably charming black sand beach. You must make it a part of your Hawaii itinerary for its surreal beauty and the vistas of majestic sea turtles lounging in their natural habitat. While you are there, you can also visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which is very close to the beach.

Which one of these exotic beaches are you going to choose for your next family holiday to Hawaii?

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