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Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu, Peru

5 Ways to Enjoy your Cruise to South America

Explore and do the amazing things in South America while on a cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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South America means rugged natural beauty, tall mountain peaks, fjords that stretch for miles, cosmopolitan cities, indigenous cultures, lust tropical forests, and unspoiled beaches. South American beauty is too widespread to explore on a single cruise. The diversity along the way will astonish you.

Colonial Spanish and Portuguese legacies add to the historical heritage of the region. Generally, a big, luxurious cruise ship sails to such a vast region. It has the most amazing ports of call in the world. Your experience on a South American cruise will be a concoction of naturistic elements, vibrant nightlife, and markets for shopping.

Here are a few reasons to book a South American cruise!

1. Tango Dance in Buenos Aires

Discover your inner dancer and move your body to the tunes at Buenos Aires. Tango is one of the most beautiful, elegant and sensual dance forms. Whilst on a cruise, you will get plenty of time to take tango lessons in the port of call. Shed your inhibitions and sway along as your partner leads you. Tango dance is very popular in Buenos Aires and many people visit this capital to explore this dance form. Tango is the cultural identity that revolves around the city. Cruisers must not miss the opportunity to learn the art.

2. Explore the Amazonian Ecosystem

Amazon has an array of natural elements to offer. You will encounter a variety of flora and fauna, and ample wildlife. The Amazon is a mosaic of different ecosystems harmoniously sustaining on their own. Lose yourself in the wilderness of its rainforests and the exotic wildlife. Keep your binoculars ready to spot any animal from a distance. Mingle with the tribal population and gain knowledge about their lifestyles, traditions and customs away from the civilization.

3. Travel to Galapagos Islands

Beautiful and bizarre Galapagos Islands are worth the visit. Cruisers must never have seen such sites. Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands for research purposes. The island will undoubtedly keep cruisers of all ages occupied. You can go trekking and explore exotic animals never seen before. Most Galapagos Islands tours include snorkeling. When else will you get the opportunity to snorkel and swim underwater among the abundant and diverse marine life.

4. Explore the ruins at Machu Picchu

The mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu are sure to fascinate you. The destination deserves to be considered as one of the 7 wonders of the world. Machu Picchu restores the only tangible evidence of the Inca Empire. Get lost in the complex palaces and intricately carved temples. The mountain trail of Machu Picchu is unreal. The terraces at the destination are built for agricultural purposes.

5. Visit the Tip of South America

Tierra del Fuego is at the tip of the South American continent. It falls extremely close to Antarctica. Tierra’s foremost city is the world’s southernmost city. Although freezing, the town is quite colorful and exciting. Sit in the toy-like train of Tren del Fin de Mundo. Its 7 km track passes through beautiful forest areas. Explore shipwrecks in the chilled waters if you are looking for an adventure.

A cruise to South America will feel like an unforgettable joyride. Cruisers must make the most out of it by the region’s relishing natural beauty, culture and other phenomena.

Header Image by jdbenthien at Pixabay

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