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Waikiki, Hawaii
Waikiki, Hawaii

10 Best Things to Do in Hawaii on a Cruise

Here is the list of 10 amazing activities that will make your cruise to Hawaii worth it.

By Cruise Booking Team

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There aren’t many places that can rival the natural beauty of Hawaiian Islands. Sail to the pristine Hawaiian Islands and immerse yourself in the local flavors. Get a taste of this tropical slice of paradise. The sea in the front view, the bright blue sky overhead, and the soft white sand underneath your feet ought to relax you effortlessly. There are multiple things to do in Hawaii During a Cruise

The land of ukuleles, botanical gardens and flower tiaras will not fail to amaze you. Hawaii features numerous activities for all kinds of tourists! Be it adventure seekers or curious explorers – Hawaii caters to all!

10 Best Things To Do On Hawaii Cruise

1. Sunset with sea turtles

Ho’okipa Beach Park is a must-visit for animal lovers. Here is where the sea turtles come to rest on the sand from time to time to take a break from their life underwater. The sight of 20-40 turtles gather at a time at the shore. Respect their space and observe them from a distance. Do not disturb these endangered creatures. While the cute creatures rest on the shore, tourists can take up activities such as surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing and much more. Watch the tiny creatures crawl back into the vast ocean when they wake up fresh from their slumber.

2. Visit the North Shore Oahu Beaches

Get ready to witness the most breathtaking beaches in Oahu! Hop on a bus and arrive to the home of best surf in the world, an abundance of sea turtles, fish and palm trees. Explore a number of beaches at North Shore Oahu. Surfers have the great opportunity to attend World Surf League Event at the Pipeline Beach. Dive from the tall rock at the Waimea Beach and swim with the turtles and fish. Take a Peace Hike at the Ehukai Beach Park to observe the spectacular view of tropical vegetation and the waves crashing against the shore.

3. Tour the Kona Coffee Farm

Coffee lovers must not miss guided tours at the Kona Coffee Farm. If you are the type of drinker who evaluates the flavor of your brew, Kona Coffee Farm is for you! The farm is home to a 5-acre coffee plantation. Coffee connoisseurs can spend their entire trip going on tours around the farm. The island farms send a lot of green coffee beans to be roasted elsewhere. Kona Coffee is popular in whole of USA for its flavorful coffee with hints of cherry, raisin and citrus. Taste award-winning coffees along the tours.

4. Hike up the volcanoes at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Ever thought of seeing lava flow near a volcano? Hawaii Volcanoes National Park demonstrates two spectacular geological wonders Mauna Loa and Kilauea. Mauna Loa is known to be the world’s most active volcano. Kilauea on the other hand, has been slowly erupting for more than a year. Kilauea has a pit of lava at one location and the other stream is headed towards the ocean.

5. Mountain Tubing through the canals

Kauai Backcountry Adventures offers amazing tubing tours on the Hawaiian Island. You will be driven into the rainforest to the old Lihue Plantation. Your adventure starts there on! The guides will give you headlamp and a tube. Float through the irrigation canal that dates back to the 19th century. You will experience the stark contrast of lush green landscapes and pitch-dark tunnels will send shivers down your spine.

6. Fly on a helicopter over Maui

Take a tour of a lifetime! Hop on Blue Hawaiian and enjoy the lush tropical aerial view of Maui. Soaring above the majestic Maui is simply exhilarating! The helicopter will hover over the deep valleys in the rainforest and misty mountains in West Maui. Soar over the Haleakala National Park and Hana village and its lush rainforest. You can also opt for the complete package and cover the entire Maui on air.

7. Snorkel with the sharks

Get to know the sharks in their natural habitat by snorkeling down to where they reside. Instead of luring sharks in, One Ocean Diving is involved in conservation of aquatic animals and studies shark behavior. There are no age requirements for tourists to snorkel among the sharks. Nonetheless, the guests must be 4 feet tall and strong swimmers. Children must be accompanied by 2 adults. Indulge in this life-changing experience with your entire family.

8. Attend a Luau

Attend the Luau party gathering and get a taste of Hawaiian traditions and hospitality. Luau is a Hawaiian feast featuring lively music and vibrant Tahitian dance. “Luau” is pronounced “ahaania” by the natives. “Aha” means gathering and “ania” translates to meal in their language. Enjoy the delightful entertainment of the Pacific Islands. Pork cooked in an earth oven is served with coconut pudding for the meal.

9. Go on a Whale Watching Adventure

Cruise through National Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary which a vessel ideal for spotting exotic creatures. Sail to the neck of Maui in the Zodiac vessel that can navigate to unreachable areas. As you sail, expect to see humpback whales coming up to squirt water. Watch them breach the water surface and dive back in with a gigantic splash! A naturalist onboard will edify you about whale behavior to enhance your experience.

10. Spot underwater ship wrecks from the submarine

If you wish to explore the underwater world without snorkeling or scuba diving, Atlantis Submarine will allow you to explore the Hawaiian ocean beds. Explore the ship wrecks or watch the aquatic life swim around the huge submarine. The passengers must be 36” inches tall with no age limit. This is advantageous for non-swimmers and weak swimmers.

Indulge in these activities and things to do in Hawaii, and you will surely return home with unforgettable memories of this magnificent cluster of islands.

Header Image by chopie80 at Pixabay

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