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10 Unforgettable Experiences on Your Caribbean Cruise

Make your Caribbean cruise holidays enjoyable and memorable with these 10 amazing things to do.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A Caribbean cruise will be a cocktail of culture, nature and heart-pumping adventures. There is plenty to do on a cruise to Caribbean. Here are a few unique experiences to add to your bucket list for the Caribbean Islands.

10 Best Things to Do in the Caribbean

1. Travel beneath the waves in Aruba

Underwater sightseeing is something quite unheard of. On your cruise to the Caribbean Islands, don’t miss out on the Atlantis Submarine Expedition in Aruba. The passengers are taken 120ft down under the ocean to view the exquisite marine life for 45 minutes. It is a convenient way for the non-swimmers and children to see the marine life, corals, and sunken wrecks from up-close. Enjoy the soothing views of underwater world without getting wet from your comfortable seat in the submarine.

2. Zipline over rainforests in Costa Rica

Ever thought why monkeys love swinging from a branch to another? They love the lush view of trees 50ft above the jungle floor! Costa Rica is a pioneer in canopy exploration. Thus, it would be a huge mistake to miss out on the rare opportunity. The Arenal Reserve Zipline offers a bird’s eye view of the forest. Glide across the cable to the next platform. You only have to click if you want to turn your harness into a pulley. Jaco Canopy Zipline Tour is another zipline that renders you spellbound with views of waterfalls, exotic birds, and monkeys. Jaco Beach will also be in full view as you glide!

3. Swim with the stingrays at Grand Cayman

Stingray City is one of the most popular Caribbean attractions. Snorkeling and frolicking in the clear blue waters with the friendly yet dangerous stingrays is a delight! Stingrays at Grand Cayman are used to the human touch. They over rub their wings over your legs as they pass which might startle you. Nonetheless, there is no reason to panic. Tourists don’t necessarily have to get into the water. Enjoy them swim smoothly from the glass bottomed boat! Feed the magnificent tropical fish and connect with the marine life.

4. Go racing in Barbados

Horse racing is one of the ancient sports of the elite. Barbados has hosted the game for about a century now. Garrison Savannah race track has been the hotspot for jockeys for horse racing. Sit under the trees and spread your picnic mats. Get along your baskets and snack in the grass as you watch the jockeys race their respective horses. Join the Barbados turf club if you are a racing enthusiast and fly back to the seaside destination.

5. Take a powerboat with family in Bahamas

Gone are those days when people preferred to travel slow in the seas in big yachts and sailboats. People now hop on powerboats that speed up in the ocean. Take a powerboat ride in Bahamas. Sit on the deck and feel the salty ocean breeze on your face. Go in the middle of the sea to feed stingrays or sharks and snorkel in the ocean. Dive into the water with your friends and enjoy a rejuvenating swim!

6. Caving in Barbados

Barbados has three major caves usually explored by locals or tourists. Harrison’s Cave, Animal Flower Cave and Coles Cave are the three hotspots for caving. Sit in an electric tram and witness the bubbling streams, deep pools, overhead stalactites and the stalagmites from the floor in Harrison’s Cave. Explore the natural rock pool in Animal Flower Cave. Take a swim in the pool when the tide is calm. Adventurers can go deep into the Cole’s Cave. Its exploration demands plenty of climbing crawling and swimming.

7. Explore volcanoes in Montserrat

Soufrière Hills Volcano is a wondrous volcanic mountain. Your tour to the volcano will be monitored by the Montserrat Volcano Observatory after the eruption in 1995. Many researchers and students from around the world visit the volcano. Witness the state-of-the-art system installed by the observatory for environmental monitoring. Watch the volcano glow as the thick andesite lava pile up on the mountain. Edify yourself while on a recreational journey.

8. Gorge on chocolate in Grenada

Grenada is called the ‘Spice Isle’ for a reason. Known for its cocoa plantations, Grenada is the chocolate hub. Relish a variety of chocolates manufactured by The Grenada Chocolate Company. The internationally award-winning dark chocolate will melt in your mouth. Chocolate here, is made of a unique blend and perfect proportions. Organic sugar makes Grenadian chocolate relatively healthy for the health freaks. Hog all the chocolate you want on your trip to Grenada.

9. Go cave touring in Belize

Take a trip to the ancient underworld. Travel halfway into the forest to go tubing. Get into the river on a tube. The green-blue water will lead you to the cave. Make sure to put on a helmet with torch and your life jacket. The walls of the cave will twinkle back when the light hits the mineral deposits. You will eventually come out from the pitch-dark cave and enter the day’s light.

10. Enjoy Reggae in Jamaica

Imagine yourself sipping a cocktail on a beach chair and a live reggae music. Although Jamaica is all about turquoise beaches, the Rastafarian culture and the reggae music are worth exploring. After the exciting yet tiring adventures, relax by the beach and enjoy some live reggae. Besides, witnessing art is no less of an activity.

Find a balance between adventure and recreation on your cruise vacation to thoroughly enjoy the trip!

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