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Cruises from Barbados (Bridgetown)

Barbados (Bridgetown), Barbados Cruises

Barbados (Bridgetown), Barbados Cruises

Give yourself and your loved one a gift of a cruise from Bridgetown, Barbados, and discover the beauty of the ocean. It is a great way to visit the Caribbean region. The island has miles of sandy beaches, turquoise water, an abundance of greenery, historical sites, and plenty of other things. Below are some highlights and exciting spots to visit in Bridgetown, Barbados, on your next cruise. Also, it's colorful, historical, and laid back, and other spots are easily accessible by taxis and cars.

Highlights of Bridgetown

Holidays in Barbados can be enjoyed on cruises. A cruise and stay in Barbados would be a great way to enjoy the island for a few days; you could also cruise around the Caribbean with some major cruise lines. Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados, is a popular port of call for many cruises. Cruises are a great way to get a feel for the island's culture, food, and beaches, before continuing to another Caribbean destination.

1. Historic Bridgetown

Bridgetown has additional highlights, apart from the beach-lover's dream vacation spot. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with historical spots. The city has plenty of things to explore, from its famous museums to the British colonial garrison, touring the Parliament House area, and walking the winding streets. Moreover, don't forget to take a walking tour of the city. It will take you to several historical places, such as St. Michael's Cathedral, The Bridgetown Jewish Synagogue, and Lord Nelson's statue in the National Heroes Square.

2. East Coast Island Driving

To hit the island's east coast in no time, take a taxi tour. They will take you towards Bathsheba, Barbados. The town is a small fishing village with unique beaches to explore, characterized by jutting rock formations. Visitors will experience a more rugged landscape than other parts of Bridgetown. So don't miss taking a complete picture of the island.

3. Unique Culinary Culture

While you go on a Barbados Cruise, consider trying its unique culinary offerings, from coucou, macaroni pie, fish cakes, and some famous regional delicacies such as Sea Eggs, Pudding & Souse, Cookies, and Flying Fish. Also, remember that the locals take their food and drinks very seriously. So whether you're eating at a cheap stall or having drinks in a fancy rum shop, this person always keeps an eye. Culturally, they value their local delicacies a great deal. Moreover, don't forget to try out the buffet-style lunches at some local restaurants. 

4. Shopping near Port

Bridgetown is not that famous for shopping. Still, you can find ample options and offerings—several duty-free shops near the port, making the destination an ideal highlight. You can even purchase a souvenir for your friends and family back home. The shopping area is known as Broad Street. This street is famous for high-end wares and jewelry, including some well-known brands boutiques such as a Tiffany and Co. Apart from brands, there is Swan Street, where you can shop for local goods such as shoes and clothing.

Interesting spots of Bridgetown

The gorgeous island of Barbados is a perfect destination for visiting as a port of call, joining your cruise, or departing your ship. It is a vibrant island where locals are friendly, and the weather is fantastic year-round. You can have a wonderful time exploring Barbados while visiting Oistins, where there is a famous fish market, Harrison's Cave, and the world-famous rum distilleries of Cockspur and Mount Gay. There are many more exciting spots in Bridgetown that you can explore. For your convenience, we have listed some top sites below.

1. Harrison Caves Experience

To reach this famous Harrison Caves, you need to take an underground tram. Tourists from all over the world come here to see it. Unlike anything else in the area, these limestone caves are unique. There are also walking paths outside the caves, which are painted and showcase the lush landscape of Barbados. It is a perfect excursion for all those people who are geology experts and nature lovers.

2. Catamaran & Turtle Encounter

Swimming and snorkeling with turtles and stingrays is one of the most unique experiences you can have. Step aboard on any catamaran for an absolute indulgence offered by a variety of the local tour operators of Bridgetown. The most popular activity is swimming with leatherback turtles in crystal clear water. One can also opt for day-long activity, including watching and swimming with turtles and stops at historical shipwrecks for snorkeling and snacks and drinks. Even people who don't like swimming can go for turtle watching activity.

3. Island Safari

Island Safari is one of the most exciting sports to do in Bridgetown because the island of Barbados is a lush tropical place. It is a dense Caribbean jungle filled with fascinating exotic plants and wildlife such as green monkeys, snakes, bird species, and many other animals. You can spot animals moving freely in the jungle throughout the habitat. It takes less than 45 minutes to reach the safari camp and is in the north direction of Bridgetown.

Frequently Asked Questions about to Bridgetown

The most delicious restaurants in Bridgetown are Cuz’s Fish Stand, Wendy’s Sports Bar, Lobster Alive, Salt Cafe, Shakers Bar & Grill, Chicken George & Yankee Joe’s Beach Bar, Jumas Restaurant, The Boatyard, Lefties, Tapas, Harlequin Restaurant, Oasis Beach Bar, and many more.

The natural beauty in Bridgetown can be found in Andromeda Botanic Garden, Harrison’s Cave, Chancery Lane Swamp, Flower Forest, and Welchman Hall Gully.

The good time to visit Bridgetown is January, February, March and April. The winter months of November to December are another great time to visit as the weather is mild and sunny, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

The cheapest time to go to Bridgetown is in March.

The most popular thing of Bridgetown are Carlisle Bay, St. Michael’s Cathedral Stewardship Committee, The Nidhe Israel Synagogue and Museum, Parliament Buildings, Barbados Museum & Historical Society, Mount Gay Visitor’s Centre, National Heroes Square, Garrison Savannah, George Washington House, Queen’s Park, Pebbles Beach, El Tigre Catamaran Sailing Cruises, and Batts Rock Beach.
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