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10 Best Things To Do On a Bermuda Cruise

Here are the 10 awesome things which will improve your Bermuda cruise experience.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Bermuda is one of the best travel destinations around the world and constantly growing up to be better. The place is home to pleasing pink sand beaches and fine natural views. Though you can make way to place by flights, the cruise turns out to be the best way to explore the city. All inclusive kind of cruise makes the travelling better for you and also, the cruise does connect many places in between and let you have the fun to visit new attractions.

10 Best Things to Do in Bermuda

1. Explore the Royal Naval Dockyard

The Royal Naval Dockyard has been the primary base of the Royal Navy during the wars, where the Navy ships used to be kept maintenance. Nowadays, the place is being used as the port of the city. The dockyard is also famous for its Pre-colonial European architecture, which was constructed during the 18 century. Apart from that, the place is home to some fine dining and cafes.

2. Learn the history through forts

Bermuda has history to remember! The place is home to several forts which is proudly narrating the yesterday and struggles of the city. Make your way to Fort Scaur, the fort gives you some excellent views of the harbour. The fort is perfect to learn some history and click some fine photos. Another fort is Fort St. Catherine, which is the largest fort of Bermuda and famous for a classic sea view.

3. Let the beaches spoil you

Bermuda is home of the soft pink sand beaches. The alluring beaches and the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by greenery make it look like a picture. There are plenty of beach activities to do or you can simply lie down and relax. Also, if you won't find the peace, you can make way to quiet beaches like Chaplin Bay, Jobson’s Cove and Astwood Cove.

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4. Day trip to Hamilton Town

The Hamilton town is the capital city of and also the town is the financial and cultural hub of Bermuda. The place is home to pastel architecture which introduces you to the vibrant, cosmopolitan side of the city. Apart from that, the city has sophistication in the air and you can feel the cultural vibes all around. Make your way to the hall, the gallery, historic museum and ancient church.

5. Click the classic caves

Bermuda has the largest cave system which is home to beautiful tropical gardens and green palm trees. Make your way to the Crystal or Fantasy Caves, to see stupendous stalagmite and limestone icicle formations at the ceilings of the cave. Walk on the floating bridge to have a look at the underneath water of the caves.

6. Nature trails

Bermuda is the place where you can see the blessing of Mother Nature in every aspect of the place. Explore Bermuda by walks or hire a bike or simply roam like locals. The place owns 18 miles long abandoned railway track which is now used as a nature trail which connects two islands. The trail owes you peaceful moments to adore for the rest of life.

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7. Explore the island

Do have an island tour so that you can enjoy the place in a better way. Make your way to some famous places like Bermuda Craft Market, Bermuda Rum Cake Company, Bermuda Clay works, and Dockyard Glassworks. Apart from the beaches and sea, the place has a lot more to offer such as making your way to the oldest lighthouse of the world i.e. The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

8. Make a way to Bermuda triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the limelight places which keep trending at news due to its mysterious news, but it’s totally safe to visit there. You can glass bottom boat tour, which will let you enjoy the finer marine life and coral formations. In a case, if you want to see the marine life closely, take snorkelling tours to enjoy the natural wonders.

9. Be adventurous

The Bermuda beaches have plenty of activities to let you have some adventurous such as cliff jumping, snorkelling and diving. The cliff jumping is one of the top tourist attractions of the place as the rugged coastline and rock formations make it super fun. You can dive from the Watford and Flatts bridges or enjoy snorkelling to explore sea life.

10. Enjoy the locals

Bermuda is a place which carries the vibrant vibes. The place has friendly locals who will welcome you with an open heart. The cuisine of the place is inspired by England, US, the Caribbean and South American culinary practices. Also, for the seafood lovers, the place is food heaven. The place does have pleasant shopping moments for you.

The above are 10 things you should do on your next Bermuda cruises trip. Let the fun begin!

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