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Top 5 Foods to Eat in Bermuda

Explore the delights of Caribbean cuisine in Bermuda. The top 5 foods to try in Bermuda will make your mouth water.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Bermuda is a popular destination for cruisers due to its subtropical warmth, beaches, and pleasant weather. On this island in the North Atlantic, you will find a wide range of activities to take part in. But have you heard of Bermuda as a destination for a foodie? If not, then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Bermuda can be quite a place for food lovers. Here, you will get Caribbean, British, Native American, and Portuguese cuisines, but with a Bermudan touch.


Below are our top 5 foods to try in Bermuda.

Top 5 Foods to Try in Bermuda

Bermuda's cuisine reflects its rich and diverse history and heritage, and that is an amalgamation of British and Portuguese cuisine with local seafood specialties. The following mentioned food items will be a perfect answer to all your questions about “what to eat in Bermuda?.” Many unknown traditional foods may exist in the local food destinations in Bermuda. You may start exploring the infinite with these dishes.

1. Codfish cake

'Codfish' itself is a popular ingredient in many recipes of Bermuda. It is one of the must-try foods in Bermuda. It's a famous snack in Bermuda cuisine. It is sometimes served on the breakfast plate as well. It is made with a mashed mixture of codfish meat, potato, onion, bacon, rice, and thyme. They are shaped into patties or pancakes. This pancake is then fried in oil or butter until it becomes crispy. Afterward, these codfish cakes are served with homemade sauce or mayonnaise.

2. Fish sandwiches

It is one of the most flavorful dishes that you can try here. It is primarily made from locally caught fish such as Wahoo, Tuna, Cod, and others. Between two pieces of bread of your choice, you will get a deep-fried fish filet. Fish that has been deep-fried and topped with melted cheddar cheese and homemade tartar sauce is heavenly.

Depending on your preferences, you can add grilled vegetables such as tomatoes and onions and special sauces. Try adding some butter sauce to it. If you prefer healthier options, whole wheat bread can be substituted for sandwich bread. When you put it in your mouth, you'll get a burst of flavors like a sweet, sour, spicy, and creamy texture.

3. Fish chowder

It is one of the delicacies from Bermuda's very own kitchen, and it keeps a good position among the top 5 foods to try in Bermuda. Fish filets, fish stock, and tomato puree are the main ingredients in Bermuda fish chowder.

The local fish like cod, tilefish, and grouper are used in Bermuda fish chowder. If you choose to add any additional herbs and veggies, you may choose some ingredients, such as chopped onions, celery, thyme, or any other choice of vegetables. Bermuda fish chowder traditionally contains black rum and sherry peppers added as seasonings.

4. Mussel pie

It is quite famous and one of the favorite dishes in Bermuda. This recipe gets its influence from the British pie dishes, but the ingredients are sourced exclusively from Bermudian kitchens. It's a baked dish with the filling of boiled Mussel meat, chopped thyme, carrot, and onion with it. You will get the crust of baked flour and loads of butter in the outer layer.

5. Rum cake

The best way to end your Bermudian feast is with this traditional dessert. You'll get loads of tangy tropical flavors loaded with rum. That is why it is one of the must-try foods in Bermuda while on a cruise.

Parting Thoughts

Exploring new foods is the best way to discover the culture of any region. Not only these five foods but you may find some other unexplored delicacies also in the famous food destinations like Art Mel's Spicy Dicy, Village Pantry, Port Of call, Wahoo's Bistro & Patio, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to and book a journey to experience Bermuda and try out these top 5 foods.

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