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6 Top Southern Caribbean Cruise Packing Tips

Planning to take a cruise to the Southern Caribbean? Follow our favorite packing tips.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A Caribbean cruise is one of the most popular cruises for travelers who enjoy a sunny beachside vacation. Caribbean cruises offers a luxurious escape to the marvellous beaches with different islands offering different types of excursions. A Caribbean cruise can be a relaxing or an adventurous experience, depending on how you want to spend your vacation.


It is important to plan ahead and consider all the essential items that you might need for your cruise. It is recommended to go through the itinerary carefully so that you may not miss an essential item. There might be some items that may not seem as essential but our list can help you so that you have a pleasant and comfortable cruise.

What To Pack On A Cruise To The Southern Caribbean?

1. Sets of Clothing

When you think of a Caribbean Cruise, you think about swimsuits! It is recommended to pack a few swimsuits instead of relying on only one. Also, pack at least one active swimsuit that will be comfortable for you to wear while participating in water activities. Also, packing swim cover-ups is essential for beach strolls and poolside meals.

Though the Caribbean is warmer, it gets chilly once the sun goes down, packing a sweater or a jacket is also a smart choice. Also, the Caribbean experiences a fair bit of rain from June to November; packing a raincoat or an umbrella is also essential.

Caribbean Cruises also offers chic evening nights, and some cruise lines have formal dress codes. Packing a set of cocktail dresses or formal jackets is necessary. Also, it's important to pack casual and comfortable clothes for enjoying meals and relaxing on the deck.

2. Document Holder

It is important to keep your documents stowed safely in a holder. A document holder allows you to safely keep your passport and other travel documents safe and always within your reach, especially if since your travel itinerary likely includes stopping at different ports.

In recent times, a vaccine certificate is also an important document. As such, having the vaccine certificate in the document holder will make your entry at most places of your destinations swift.

3. Under-water Camera

Want to capture perfect underwater photos? An underwater camera is a good choice for you. Capturing photos while scuba diving, snorkelling, or doing an underwater sea walk will be a memory for a lifetime. With this waterproof camera, you don’t have to worry while facing an unpredictable wave while you are clicking photos on the beach.

4. Memory Storages

It is important to have backup memory cards, especially if there are multiple destinations. It is quite annoying to get into a situation where after half the vacation, your memory card is full. While you can buy more memory cards on the islands, they can be expensive. So, it’s important to always keep 2 or 3 backup memory cards.

5. Aloe Vera and Sunscreen

One thing should not be missed to pack while on a Caribbean cruise- a sunscreen. Due to its proximity to the equator, Caribbean sunlight can get more intense. Also, you are bound to spend most of the time outdoors. Hence, it is necessary to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. A sunscreen with high SPF is a must while you pack for a southern Caribbean cruise. Don’t forget some aloe for after a full day in the sun.

6. Other Important Things to Pack

While the above tips cover most of the checklist, it is important to look at your itinerary carefully before packing. Not sure which itinerary is right for you? allows you to compare itineraries of all the cruise lines.

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