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The Best Time to Cruise to South America

So when’s the ideal time to take a cruise to South America? Read this article to find out.

By Cruise Booking Team

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South America exudes a spirit of adventure. Ancient civilizations, colossal mountain ranges, boundless rainforests, and delectable cuisines are the perfect elements of a trip to remember, and South America has it all. So many people dream of visiting the mountainous continent, but deciding where to go and how to figure out what is the best time to cruise South America is essential.


Most places in Latin America are accessible year round, such as Brazil, with temperatures in mid-20s and mid-30s Celsius. Other regions have more defined dry and wet seasons. But all in all, the weather conditions there are good for traveling.

We've put together this guide about the best time to visit South America to help you figure out which countries and destinations are best visited at different periods of the year.

How to determine the best time to cruise South America?

Seasonal factors

Knowing what and when the seasons are is vital when planning your South American cruise vacation. Summer is between November and February, and winter is from June to August. It's worth noting that the weather becomes more seasonal the further south you go from the equator.

Research about Festivals and Holidays

South America is famous for its Easter celebrations in general, so if you're interested in South American religious customs and culture, this is a great time to visit. December and January are said to be the best months for wildlife viewing. Carnival season in Brazil takes place in the five days coming up to Ash Wednesday, usually in March, and is an unforgettable experience. March is considered the best time to cruise South America.

When is the best time to Cruise South America?

The weather in South America is an important factor to consider while scheduling a journey to the continent. The types of activities and excursions you want to do are also important considerations when determining when and where to go.

Let's look at the below-mentioned points to have a clear understanding of the best time to cruise South America.

1. January

Explore the Chiloe archipelago off-the-beaten-track for whale watching and penguin observation, and dine on seafood.

2. February

Rio de Janeiro's Carnival lives up to the hype, being the world's most exciting party. Go with the flow, wear bright colors, and drink your caipirinha.

3. July

Surfers from all around the world head to Brazil's coast in July. Join the locals to witness the stunning stretch of golden beach at Praia Mole near Florianópolis.

4. August

Powderhounds will be enthralled by the infinite routes at Portillo, Chile's premier skiing and snowboarding destination.

5. September

The charming city of Arequipa, towering volcano Misti, and awe-inspiring Colca Canyon entice travelers to the high desert of Southern Peru.

6. October

It is an excellent month to visit Machu Picchu, the well-preserved Incan city that never ceases to surprise visitors.

7. November

Avoid the crowds during the peak season to tan by day and stargaze by night in Chile's Atacama Desert's spectacular terrain.


Hike through deep jungle to La Ciudad Perdida, Colombia's lost metropolis.

Bonus Tip

Travelers of all ages will find South America to be a treasure trove of delights. If you're planning a voyage down south, it's a good idea to figure out where you want to travel first; temperatures vary drastically depending on where you are, even within the same country.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning a trip to South America, it is essential to have a clear idea of the best time to travel. Head over to to complete your planning and find a cruise of choice.

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