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10 Azure Beaches You Must Not Miss on a Cruise to Bermuda

Here is the list of 10 stunning Bermudan beaches to visit on a Bermudan cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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It would be a shame to miss out even on a single magnificent beach on your cruise to Bermuda. Bermudan Island features ample tropical vegetation and onshore fun. Take advantage of the array of beaches and add these to your list of beaches to cover!

10 Best Beaches in Bermuda

1. Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay is ranked as one of the top 10 beaches. The pink sand, clear glimmering turquoise waters give you a chance to click Instagram-worthy pictures. Due to its curved crescent moon-like shape, the beach is named after the similar shaped horseshoe. Bask in the sun with your spouse and kids. Rental umbrellas and beach chairs are available at the shacks with a lifeguard on duty during summertime.

2. Snorkel Park Beach

Snorkel Park Beach’s name speaks for itself. If you are up for fun-filled activities with your entire family, visit this beach park for coastline jet skiing, kayaking or pedal boating. You can even take some rest while sitting on the rocks at the beach and take in the spectacular view. To double the fun, the beach turns into an outdoor nightclub once the sun goes down. Dance under the stars on the soft sand under your feet.

3. Elbow Beach

The beach is affiliated with Elbow Beach Hotel which is the oldest hotel in the area. The one-mile stretch of the beach filled with pastel pink sand at the shore. The natural contrast of pink sand and blue water is simply majestic! Are you an adventurer at heart? Snorkel over to wrecks of German Naval ship that submerged into the beach in front of the Elbow Beach Hotel in 1915. Dive into the water with a guide and discover the ruins scattered on the ocean bed.

4. Church Bay

Church Bay is one of the most preferable snorkel spots for scuba diving and exploring the marine life easily due to its close proximity to the shore. Brush up your swimming and snorkeling skills at other beaches to easily snorkel in the deeper waters of Church Bay. Explore the abundant marine life, coral cliffs and coves in the waters towards the South Shore Road. Be vigilant of the jelly fish that lurk during summers. Church Bay is a rocky beach. Put on your water shoes to avoid getting your leg cut on the rough salty rocks.

5. Somerset Long Bay

Somerset Beach stretches along the South Shore. It offers the most beautiful beachfront of all the Bermudian beaches along the way. Its proximity to the ports of Royal Naval Dockyard makes it more accessible to the tourists. Take a walk in the nature, go bird-watching whilst tanning at the Long Bay Nature Reserve. The salmon colored sand will remind you of Horseshoe Bay. But this beach is less populated for you to enjoy its beauty in solace. Adventurers can go kite-surfing and the others can relax at the beach and enjoy the superb sunset at the beach.

6. Tobacco Bay Beach

The beach earned its name when the survivors of the wrecked ship Sea Venture discovered tobacco growing on the beach in 1600s. Enjoy the sight of this pristine beach with limestone formations. Grab the snorkeling opportunity in the crystal-clear shallow water surrounded by rock formations. Exploring colorful reefs in shallow waters aggravates the authenticity of the experience. Beach bonfire, live music, happy hour specials begin after sunset. Sway to the music and dance around the bonfire by the beachy serenity. Sightseers and beachgoers must not miss out on this vibrant yet calm beach.

7. Admiralty House Park

Admiralty House Park is a cliff jumper’s paradise. Most of the cliff diving videos you wishfully watch on YouTube are shot here. This place is perfect for adrenaline seekers! Adventurers climb up the rock only to jump from a tall rock into the turquoise water. Diving off a cliff is a dangerous task. The salty rocks can cut your toes so make sure to carry aqua shoes to the beach park. Proceed with caution and ask the locals or fellow tourists about the climatic conditions. Admiralty House Park is easily accessible from the city of Hamilton. The park also features a number of caves sectioned out by the British military in the 1800s.

8. Shelly Bay

For a low-key and serene experience, the beach is a quiet tropical paradise. Families can relax in peace by the shallow waters and gentle waves. The calm waves crashing against the shore allows families with toddlers to swim with minimal stress from the currents. Relax under the shade of lush trees on the shore. Located between Hamilton and St. George, the beach is completely commercial to cater to the tourist’s whims. The kids can keep themselves busy in the recreational park with swings, slides and soccer games while you and your spouse frolic by the beach.

9. Warwick Long Bay

Warwick Long Bay is only over a mile away if you wish to get some quiet and get away from the touristy hustle-bustle of the Horseshoe beach. Seek your bliss as your toes touch the soft pink sand. Walk around the dunes and bluffs. Put on your slippers and climb a high rock for a better view. Spend a romantic evening with your partner or bring a book to chill and revel in the beauty of this beach.

10. Jobson’s Cove

Jobson’s Cove is only a short walk away from Warwick. The scenery of the beach is truly picture perfect! Search for a shady shelter in one of the coves under the limestone rock formations. Climbing up the naturally formed steps of the rocks to view the horizon from the top. Snorkel at this quite beach and swim among the parrot fish in clear blue water.

Return to the cruise ship with sandy hair and salty memories from good times by the beach!

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