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10 Pristine Beaches To Visit in Nassau on Your Bahamas Cruise

Following is the list of best beaches to visit in Nassau on your Bahamas cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Nassau is rightly known as the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The patch of beaches and beach islands in Nassau is simply astounding. The island is multifaceted. The vibrant nightlife and casinos will entertain you on one hand and the pristine beaches will rejuvenate your being on the other.

The 10 Best Beaches in Nassau, Bahamas

1. Blue Lagoon

This private island will give you the authentic taste of a Bahamian beach. Brace yourself and get ready for the fun-packed experiences that Blue Lagoon holds for you. Immerse yourself at the aquapark and ride on the slick water slides and other fascinating rides. Snorkeling experience on this private beach island is way better as the beach is unspoiled and well-maintained. Relish Bahamian delicacies by the beach served at the shacks. Swim and interact with the affectionate and friendly dolphins. Cuddle with the cute creatures for a good 25 minutes. Blue Lagoon is certified by Global American Humane Conservation.

2. Cabbage Beach

Cabbage Beach is one of the best among public beaches in Bahamas. This luxury beach near Atlantis resort offers everything that a tourist demands. Water sports like snorkeling, water skiing and parasailing will fascinate adrenaline seekers. Go swimming and frolic in the shallow waters of the beach with your family. As long as you swim between the designated flags, you will be safe. Lifeguards of the resorts keep an eye out for the swimmers so let your worries evaporate. The beach’s proximity from the harbor makes it easily accessible. You can walk to the beach on foot after disembarking.

3. Cable Beach

Cable Beach is a blend of leisure and recreation. Vacationers flock to the Cable Beach to have fun in the sun. The beach stretches up to 22 kilometers and was named after the telegraph cable laid between Broome and Java in 1889. The 22-kilometer stretch is a fun playground for water sports, sun bathing, and nightlife all rolled into one. The golf course at the beach will give you a chance to try your hand at the game by the beach. The huge piece of sandy land offers ample space for sunbathing and swimming.

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4. Atlantis

A luxury resort along the beach is a spectacular idea to amuse the tourists. Enter the seaside wonderland and enjoy the joyride the resort has to offer. You will not want to leave the resort once you get into the 141-acre water lovers paradise! It is a hotspot for water sports. Glide through slick water slides in a tube. Adults can try out the thrilling, high speed water rides while the kids spend time in the water-play sport. Visit the shark lagoon for a tangible adventure. Stray off to the beach for a walk on the soft sand and soak up the sunlight.

5. Balmoral Island Beach

Want a short get-away with your partner in Bahamas? Hop on a ferry and go on a fun excursion to this majestic beach island. Spend your afternoon sunbathing on the beach chair or play fun games like volley ball and ping pong. This excursion may help you mingle with your fellow tourists on the island. Drink martinis at the themed bars and sway to the beach nightlife. Take a dip in the azure water before you leave from this tropical slice of paradise.

6. Saunders Beach

To the east of Cable Beach, lies Saunders Beach with lush tropical vegetation. It is a family beach with a recreational playground with slides swings and restrooms. Kids can keep busy in the park while you swim and snorkel or sunbathe. Swimming is made safe by the manmade rock coves. There are no big resorts or ski operators to cause touristy hustle bustle. This makes this beach ideal for family a get-away. Have some family time under the shade with mesmerizing beach view.

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7. Junkanoo Beach

Named after the Bahamian parade, the beach is a mere 3-minute walk from the port. Since the beach is easily accessible, it is always vibrant and teeming with tourists. Several facilities and activities are available at the beach. You will see tourists sunbathing and relaxing on their beach chairs. While some go for a swim in the crystal-clear water, the rest enjoy a drink by the bar. Take your pick from ample activities offered at the beach.

8. Coral Harbor Beach

Coral Harbor Beach offers more than just blue water, white sand and clear sky. Nassau is rich in tropical vegetation. Walk along the lined up Australian pine trees tilting towards the ocean providing shade. The beach exudes charm and natural beauty. Get on the saddle and take a horse ride by the beach and feel the warm sea breeze hit your face. The tranquil beach will make you forget about the tight schedule of the itinerary on your cruise to Nassau.

9. Montagu Beach

Montagu Beach is located at the historic fort Montagu. Built in 1741, it is the oldest fort of Nassau. In the olden times, the fort was meant to protect the island from invaders from the eastern harbor. The locals provide guided tours along the fort and narrate the events during the time. After gaining some knowledge about Bahamian history, stray off to the beautiful beach. You can also watch the boat pass through the busy harbor.

10. Love Beach

Love Beach is a small one with big appeal. It’s coarse white sand and natural rock pools lure all kinds of tourists. Relax and sway in the hammocks and laze arounds in cabanas. Children can play around the freshwater pool. Explore the 40-acre reef just a mile away. You will find restaurants and bars on the main road outside the beach to eat and drink.

Return to the cruise with the leftover sand in your pants from all these magnificent beaches.

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