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Top 5 Beaches in the Bahamas for Your Next Vacation

Planning your next Bahamas vacation? Below are the top five beaches you must visit on your next cruise vacation.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The Bahamas beaches have earned top honors as the world's best beaches for their calmness, powdery sand, and turquoise water. This place is known for its stellar beaches that have over 2000 breathtaking islands and cays. Out of those, here are the five best beaches that you should visit.

5 Best Beaches to Visit in The Bahamas

1. Coco Plum Beach, Exuma

Coco Plum beach lies in the northeastern part of Great Exuma. It is a beautiful white sand dotted beach surrounded by beautiful palm trees. A secluded beach with shallow water, so it's easy to walk to other uninhabited islands. It’s pristine and unspoiled, with incredible coral reefs to snorkel, and you can even feed the fish. Coco Plum Beach is also a nesting point for turtles.

2. Lighthouse Beach, Eleuthera

Lighthouse is one of the unspoiled and remote beaches in Eleuthera. It is located on the southern tip of Eleuthera and offers breathtaking sunset and excellent vistas. The beach is at the bottom of a large limestone cliff and is surrounded by palm trees. The endless miles of powdery, soft and pale pink sand and clear-turquoise water attracts several tourists and locals year-round.

3. Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island

A unique beach stretches 3 miles with beautiful pink sand on Harbour Island in the eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean. The hue of the sand is pink due to the crushed shells. There are many elegant resorts, gentle water, and natural beauty that attracts many locals and tourists. Moreover, it is a perfect place for relaxation and sunbathing with other aquatic and adventure sports. The turquoise blue waves roll out and touch the pink sand.

4. Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island

Cabbage Beach is a stretch of 2 miles shoreline with white sand and crystal-clear water. There are also countless restaurants, bars, and resorts lining ashore. A perfect place to relax and sunbathe while enjoying the sunset and sunrise. This beach is pet-friendly, which means you can bring your dogs and enjoy yourself with them by sitting under the tree on the beach. Take a boat ride on the banana boat and opt for other water sports.

5. Pig Beach, Big Major Cay, Exuma

The official name of Pig beach is Big Major Cay. It is one of the 360 islands of the Bahamas that lies in line with hundreds of other cays. This Cay is uninhabited, and pigs are not native to the island. Take a boat ride from the nearby Staniel Cay that is the largest Cay and is accessible by airstrip. You can even take a private yacht from Staniel Cay. It has become the major tourist attraction in modern times with freshwater springs on the island.


The Bahamas is an island paradise – it is a turquoise-hued universe with tiny coves, and pink-sand masterpieces. There are also undiscovered and unspoiled sandbars hidden away in the sea. Make sure you add any of the above beaches to your list of places to see on your next cruise.

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