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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Norwegian Cruise Line

Wondering why people cruise with Norwegian? Go through these reasons and know why people sails with Norwegian Cruises.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Picking up an ideal cruise line might be a challenging task. Before choosing one, you have to compare multiple cruise lines, their offerings, destinations, amenities, etc. However, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) makes holiday planning easy and hassle-free. It might be the perfect way to introduce your kids to see the world.

It can meet all your cruising requirements for a memorable trip. Here is a roundup of top reasons to choose NCL.

Top 5 Reasons to Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line

1. Complimentary Youth Programs

Norwegian Cruise Line Ships have youth programs that are tailored for age-specific needs. These are divided into five distinct age groups, and if parents need some alone time, they can drop their kids to youth programs, such as Splash Academy for Kids, Port Play, Late Night Fun Zone, and others. Kids will meet new children there and enjoy some carefully chosen recreational programs.

2. NCL Welcomes Solo Travellers

Although it might be a hassle for young solo travelers to find a cruise that fits their requirements , NCL stands out in this regard. They have NCL has some special programs and staterooms designed to meet single travelers' needs requirements. NCL stands out in this regard. They offer singles activities and designated spaces so solo travellers can meet other fellow travellers.

3. NCL’s Signature Dining

Norwegian Cruise Line Ships use the term 'Freestyle Cruising' as an umbrella term to portray its fine range of dining, accommodation, and entertainment. NCL's signature dining means it has no specific dining time or dress code. So, you can grab a quick slice of pizza or a full-course mealwhen your kids are having fun. This allows passengers to dine at their pace and relax and enjoy the turquoise ocean.

Most Norwegian Cruise Line reviews praise its dining culture, which is one of the primary reasons most people return to NCL for their second-time cruise trip.

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4. Family-friendly Accommodation

Besides providing tailor-made amenities for solo travelers, Norwegian Cruise Line also excels in delivering exquisite family accommodation. Its signature rooms include staterooms, interconnecting staterooms, and multi-room suitess for families to keep everyone happy. Apart from these, there are adaptable and flexible accommodations, so that travelers have a range to choose from.

5. Offering of Exotic Islands

Unlike other cruise lines, NCL offers exotic destinations in Cuba, other than Port Miami and Port Canaveral. In addition, this in addition to the Caribbean, cruise line NCL also has dedicated voyages toward the Hawaiian Islands, such as Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, and Kauai.

So, it’ is no secret that the Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the best cruise lines out there. You can get exotic cuisines and a With their unique dining culture, variety of stateroom options and excellent service, NCL is the right choice for guests who are looking for a less regimented cruise experience.

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