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Top 5 Reasons to Cruise with Seabourn

Still wondering why you should consider Seabourn Cruises? Here are the top 5 reasons to consider.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you have always wondered what it's like to be on a luxury cruise for a voyage, then Seabourn Cruises might be the option you need. Over the years, the demand for offbeat destinations has increased sharply, and if you are eager to weave luxury and adventure together, then look no further. This cruise line is an expert in providing informal ultra-luxury expeditions with some of the most modern amenities.

However, if you are still, unsure then here are some selected reasons to cruise with Seabourn.

5 Reasons to Cruise with Seabourn

Some of the top reasons to choose Seabourn Cruises in comparison with other leading cruise lines are –

1. Ultra-luxury PC6 Polar Class Vessels

Seabourn Cruises is going to be the first cruise of its kind to hold 2 PC6 polar class vessels. These ships are designed to operate in diverse weather conditions including Icey waters. These ships also include the latest technologies to enhance the capabilities of the ships in varied conditions.

2. Small Size Ships

Seabourn Cruises offers some of the most luxurious cruises on the planet. The passenger count ranges around 458 for its Odyssey-class trio, and for Encore-class, the capacity is 600. The smaller size of the cruise means a more intimate cruise experience.

3. Enriching Lectures

Unlike the conventional ‘guest lecture’ programs, Seabourn Cruises has recognized luminaries that provide insights on a variety of topics. Besides this, you can join some onboard conversation sessions to share your thoughts with intellectuals on numerous disciplines such as science, gastronomy, arts and culture, history, current affairs and others.

4. Partnership with Thomas Keller

Seabourn Cruise Lines has a partnership with Thomas Keller to bring cuisines from top American chefs onboard. As a result, you will have the opportunity to taste some of the updated versions of American classics. On some evenings, diners can pick Thomas Keller selections in The Restaurant or enjoy a set menu of Keller's creations in The Colonnade. Furthermore, there are casual options in The Patio on select evenings, such as the Napa burger and Yountwurst hot dog.

5. Spacious Suites

All the staterooms on Seabourn Cruise Lines are suites and are supremely spacious and extraordinarily designed.

Key Takeaways

Seabourn Cruises reviews hold a positive response for its diversified and exquisite offerings to travellers. A few of the takeaways for travellers include –

It’s no secret that Seabourn Cruises is one of the most desired cruises out there. There is a myriad of onboard entertainment options, and due to its smaller size, it is easier to make new friends. Besides this, you can experience fine dining with some of the most delicate dishes selected from around the world.

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