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Best 10 Things To Do In Zadar, Croatia

Like every major Croatian city, Zadar offers some amazing things to do.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Zadar is an artsy and historically vibrant Croatian city that is located near the Adriatic Sea region and is easily accessible from top European destinations. This is a vibrant city that is popular for its architectural buildings, Mediterranean climate and dynamic culture. This historic city has many interesting places and exciting things for tourists. In this article, you can learn more about the stunning sites and striking things to do in Zadar.

10 Things to Do in Zadar

1. Indulge in nature’s music at the Sea organ

Zardar’s famous Sea Organ is the most beautiful art installation in the world. Sea Organ is beautifully designed with broad steps that allow air and water to flow inside the chambers. These chambers and water waves together produce soothing music. This delightful music is unique every time, and the tourists find this place very amusing. This giant musical Sea Organ is a “one of a kind experience” for many visitors. This is one of the fascinating and relaxing places to visit in Zadar.

2. Experience the art of glassmaking

The Museum of Ancient Glass, exhibits some of the outstanding glass collections of the 1800s. In this museum, the visitors get to see some of the mind blowing and fragile glass containers that were used to store cream and medicines. In this tour, the tourist can also learn about the history and the beautiful art of glass making. This detailed tour consists of glass making and glass blowing demonstrations. The visitors are allowed to purchase the intricate and artsy glassware.

3. Feel the energy of solar power in Sun Salutation

This Sun greeting is the best thing to do in Zadar. This Sun Salutation site is located near the Sea Organ, and the same architect designs it. The spectacular Sun Salutation site consists of 300 layered glass panels that store solar energy all day. During the evening, when the sun sets the solar cells that are embedded in the ground produces vibrant and phenomenal colours. This place is great to spend some quality time with friends and family. This graphical effect produced by solar energy looks like a dancing floor.

4. Admire the beauty of nature in Paklenica National Park

The beautiful Paklenica National Park is famous for its high peak mountains, deep gorges, beech, and stunning pine trees. There are several electrifying activities to do in Paklenica. Tourists across the globe travel to this place to hike trails, climb and to take a gentle walk around the mountains. There are two amazing canyons in Paklenica that are Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica. The tourist also loves to see the beautiful caves, a wide range of plants and new animal species. The tourists also get to see untamed deer, bears, fox, wild cats, owls and falcons. If you want to take a quick trip to Paklenica National Park, then you can take the Bicycle ride available here.

5. Take a breezy walk in Kolovare Beach

Kolovare is the main tourist attraction in Zadar. This beautiful scenic beach is famous for its dazzling blue waters, decorative pebbles and golden sands. In summer, tourists flood to this place to beat the heat. The shaded green area near the beach is filled with resorts and restaurants. The Kolovare beach is a great tourist spot for picnics, swimming and other water sports. The swimming area stretches from the Zadar pool to the Punto Bajo. This is an ideal place for tourists who love entertainment and fun.

6. Enjoy the tour to Krka National Park

Krka is a stunning National Park that has startling waterfalls and lakes. The porous rocks and beautifully carved lakes here make Krka the top National Park in Zadar. In this park, tourists can encounter the two large waterfall systems that are Roski Slap and Skradinski Buk. Tourists can travel around the beautiful lake through boats. The visitors are also allowed to swim in the river and can have fun in the water. The historic caves in Krka contain animal fossils and other archaeological objects. In Krka national park there are cycle trails, trekking and sightseeing services available.

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7. Get a glimpse of the past in the Roman forum

The Roman Forum is a magnificent Adriatic in Zadar. This location was the heartbeat of ancient Rome as the marketplaces, temples and buildings were located here. This is the historical site that belongs to the 1930s which was established by Emperor Augustus. After the Second World War, this place was damaged by the bomb blast. However, in 1960, the Roman Forum was again reconstructed, and the tourists were allowed to see this place. The Roman Forum is an excellent place for tourists who love to explore historical sites and objects.

8. The striking vineyards of Kraljevski

There are not many historic vineyards available such as the Kraljevski vineyards. The royal Kraljevski vineyards are famous for its premium quality grapes. The grapes produced here are precious and unique. Tourists who love to taste different types of wine can visit this place to taste the top-quality wine. Also, there are several other exquisite tourist spots to visit near the vineyards.

9. A visit to the amusing Kornati Islands

The Kornati is a stunning location where you can see the awe-inspiring creation of god. This majestic island has sapphire colour beaches and olive groves. There is no electricity in the resorts of this island as nature provides fresh air and bright lights. Tourists can experience the luxurious boat rides around the blue water of Kornati. If you want to escape into something extraordinary, then visit the Kornati Islands of Zadar.

10. Purchase in the busy Zadar market

Zadar market is an ideal shopping place for tourists to purchase fresh spices, dry fruits, herbs, fresh fish and baked goods. After a day of shopping, the tourist can enjoy the sunset spots near the Zadar market.

Zadar is a beautiful travel location that has both historical and modern tourist spots. There are even more religious and prehistoric buildings to explore in Zadar. To enjoy the vibrant and energetic vibe of this city, you can visit Zadar on this vacation.

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