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Bermuda ocean
Bermuda ocean

The Best Time to Take a Cruise to Bermuda

Best months to go on a cruise to Bermuda.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Who can resist the pink sand beaches, golf courses, elegant shops, and stunning museums? This is exactly what awaits you when you take a cruise to Bermuda. This tiny country is a British colony and one of the most sought-after cruise destinations. The climate in Bermuda remains good most times of the year, but there are of course some best months when you should plan a visit to Bermuda. So, check out the best time to take a cruise to Bermuda.

Best Time to Cruise to Bermuda

Peak Season

Bermuda lies in the same latitude as the states of Carolina in the US. Hence, you will be surprised to learn that it enjoys a salubrious climate. Officially the climate of Bermuda is categorized as a humid subtropical climate that is quite close to the tropical climate. The mercury dips in January, February and the early part of March, but it never gets freezing cold in Bermuda. While it is not a Caribbean island, it offers all the experiences of the Caribbean, with its swaying palm trees and subtropical vegetation.

The best time for a cruise to Bermuda is from beginning to March to late April. This is a springtime and usually is a great time for people on a budget. It is quiet at this time in Bermuda and hence, prices are affordable. This is also the time when festive events take place, like the Easter festivity of flying handmade kites at the Horseshoe Bay.

The other best time to enjoy a cruise to Bermuda is from May through September when it is warm and summer sets in. This is the time for beach activities and frolic with dolphins and hence, Bermuda sees droves of people coming in. As a result, prices are high. Make sure you book the cruise and onshore activities well in advance to avoid high prices.

If you visit Bermuda in the summer, you will find that the island nation is quite hot. However, the heat is not that high to make it unbearable. The highest the temperature in peak summer is about 86 degrees Fahrenheit, but it never goes beyond 93 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it is the perfect time to enjoy the azure waters and relax on the pink sands. During the evening, the cool sea breeze is very relaxing.

The only thing to worry about is hurricanes. Bermuda is susceptible to hurricanes, thanks to the warm Gulf Stream that puts the country in the way of hurricanes brought on by the Westerlies. Bermuda’s hurricane season begins from June through November. The good news is that most hurricanes do not make landfalls and even if they do, they are highly weakened.

Shoulder Season

September and October are the shoulder season for Bermuda. During this time the weather is cooler but the water is still warm enough for swimming. Humidity is also low. You can find good cruise deals for Bermuda.


Bermuda offers an ideal climate for traveling most months of the year. You will enjoy a constant cool sea breeze that helps to make summer more comfortable and adequate sunshine in the winter to keep you warm. The archipelago does not have a wet season, unlike the Caribbean islands. While Bermuda does get heavy rainfall in the summer, it usually occurs in the night and lasts for a few hours. So, you can rest assured that you will enjoy ample sunshine during your cruise to Bermuda. Book a time that best fits your calendar and allows you to enjoy the activities you have in mind.

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