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A Basic Guide to Bermuda Cruise Vacation

Explore the best Bermuda cruise vacation guide and be inspired to cruise with your loved ones.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruising around the world to exotic locations can be the most exciting vacation you will ever want to experience. A trip to Bermuda’s crystal-clear tropical waters and spectacular pink sandy beaches can be an incredible experience.

You should consider the fact that Bermuda is not a big island and it doesn’t take more than 24 hours to walk across the whole island, which has three ports. Your cruise could land in any one of the three ports. However, the preferred one is the port of Hamilton as it has two shipping berths. Another port, St. George’s Port, is historical and attracts large numbers of tourists. The third port at King's Wharf has museums, galleries, and popular restaurants making it a popular cultural hub.

A Helpful Guide to Make Your Bermuda Cruise Holidays Full of Fun

Best Things to Do in Bermuda On a Cruise

You can make your trip to Bermuda as relaxing or active as you please and get away from the stress of your everyday life. Bermuda vacation can be filled with long days on the beach, nights full of laughter and revelry or play golf as Bermuda is quite famous for having more golf courses per acre than any other place on Earth.

Some of the best things to do in Bermuda include:

1. Explore St. George as it still retains the charm of its early 1600s with many of the original buildings including the Old Rectory and the Old State House.

2. The Royal Naval Dockyard is no longer a military dockyard and it is filled with amusements and shops. Look here for some of Bermuda’s local art.

3. Spending a day at the famous Horseshoe Bay beach surrounded by turquoise and cerulean waters is a worthwhile experience.

4. This island is known for some of the world’s best golf courses where you may practice your swing.

5. Visit the St. Peter’s, the oldest Anglican church built in 1620 and still in use.

6. Explore the massive crystal and fantasy underground caves in Bermuda.

Best Places to Visit in Bermuda On a Cruise

There are so many interesting places to visit when you go on a Bermuda cruise. Some of them are as follows:

1. Take time to explore St. George’s at Ordnance Island. It is a World Heritage Site that you should explore on foot to absorb the architecture and quaint alleyways. Be sure to take a tour of the 1610 Deliverance replica.

2. The city of Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda and home to the Bermuda Aquarium, Crystal Caves, Museum and Zoo.

3. You cannot come to Bermuda and not visit the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Take a trip in a glass-bottom boat as guides tell you about shipwrecks and haunted sites. It can be an adrenaline-pumping experience!

4. If you plan a trip to Gilbert Nature Reserve, be sure to take your binoculars along. Here, you will be able to spot colorful exotic birds.

5. On St. George’s you can hike along the historic rail line, which has been converted into a scenic and awe-inspiring trail.

Best Time to Visit Bermuda On a Cruise

Cruises to Bermuda are generally available between April and late October, with peak season being the summer months of June through August. Certain cruises make trips until the end of December and are relatively rare.

Bermuda has a mild climate even during the winter months. The peak storm season typically falls between August and October, with October being the wettest month.

Bermuda cruises regularly have many tourists who often make return visits to Bermuda indicating the island's popularity. Since it is a small island, the maximum number of cruise liners that can dock is restricted. You may check that with your cruise company while booking the tickets.

Bermuda cruises are filled with wonder and surprise. Book your cruise today and enjoy nature, history, and culture like never before!

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