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Best Things to Do in Gibraltar

Here are the 5 incredible things to do in Gibraltar to make your holidays exciting.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Gibraltar is a fortress that lies under the British territory. The 2.6-mile rock holds a historical significance and is known as the symbol of strength and valor since the 18th Century. The “Rock” has the vantage point of being connected to Mediterranean and Atlantic water bodies and was therefore used to control naval traffic during desperate times. Gibraltar served well during World War 2.

It is revealed that Gibraltar is a chunk of Jurassic limestone that rises 1,398 feet high from the sea level. Several cruisers stop at this magnificent fortress for a day or two.

Let’s find out why!

5 Best Things to See and Do in Gibraltar

1. Europa Point

A breathtaking view of the merging of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean is the main reason to visit the Europa Point. You can take a cable car from Main Street to the top. From there, you will even see Europe and Africa as far as your eyes reach. If you feel like exploring around, Morocco is only 15 miles away and Spain is at an even shorter distance of 5 miles. Other things in your sight will be the automated lighthouse and a memorial to the commander in Chief of the Polish army and the Polish Prime Minister killed in exile.

2. St. Michael's Cave

The jaw-dropping cave is an outcome of a unique geophysical phenomenon. St. Michael’s Cave, also known as Cathedral Cave descends 250 ft below the entrance. The acoustic environment of the cave makes it ideal for concerts and classical music performances. The lower-level cultural hub titillates the tourists.

3. Spot the Dolphins

A lot of cruising companies offer a trip to the Bay of Gibraltar where you can see three species of dolphins. Mammals such as the common dolphin, striped dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin will be seen in the waters. You might even spot a whale if you are lucky! The best part is, you can even capture the rock from a distance.

4. World War 2 Tunnels

Gibraltar is full of tunnels! There are 33 miles of tunnels inside of the gigantic rock. These were excavated by the royal engineers in 1939 and 1944. Then there are the Great Siege Tunnels excavated during the Great Siege from 1779 to 1783. The strategic planning of soldiers treading through the rocky region is displayed through dioramas. During World War 2, the tunnels were especially constructed as a defense against the invaders. The display of photos in the tunnel depict how these tunnels fostered several soldiers and even contained a hospital inside.

5. Bird Watching

A nature lover can watch the birds migrate from the Gibraltar Strait. Specific birds are seen fleeting throughout the year. Birds like storks, honey buzzards, short-toed eagles and land birds migrate in different periods of the year. Gibraltar fosters the Barbary Partridge which can only be found there in the whole wide world!

If you are a Bonds fan and you find the place familiar, it is because Gibraltar appears in the pre-sequence of “The Living Daylights”. Digging out history through the tunnels should be a reason enough for you to cruise to the Rock.

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