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Nice, South of France
Nice, South of France

The 10 Best Beaches in France

France is an amazing place where you will find beautiful beaches. There are endless days of sunshine, lots of activities to do and so many things to make one’s vacation full of fun.

By Cruise Booking Team

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People generally think that France does not have beaches, but it is not valid. France has rugged coastlines, surfing paradise, hiking trails, and hidden white-sand beaches. It is a beach lover paradise, so if you are a beach lover, pick up any spot from the below list and start adding it to your bucket list.

Top 10 Beaches Attractions in France

1. Grande Plage, Saint-Cast-le-Guildo

Grande Plage is a resort beach on the Basque Coast in Southwest France. It is a sheltered bay with gentle waves, turquoise blue water, and fine sand. The beach is kid-friendly, and parents can sit back and relax. You can also hire a sunbed for sunbathing in the summers. The beach attracts a crowd but never gives vibes of overcrowded because there is so much space. The landscape is superb and varied, so we have the opportunity to discover the charms.

2. Plage de Morgat, Finistere

Plage de Morgat is a leisure site to discover with turquoise water, fine sand, and small green cliffs. It is a great family beach with fine sand. This sandy beach is stretched from the port and ends in pebbles on the east side. The white stone cliffs have surrounded the beach to take an evening walk and perform different water activities. Moreover, it remains calm throughout the year.

3. Neptune Plage

Neptune Plage beach lies in the city of Nice in France. The beach is narrow and situated between the City and Blue beaches. During warmer days, the beach is perfect for relaxing in the sun and enjoying calm swims. You can enjoy water sports like paddle boats and kayaks through the Mediterranean waters. It is one of the private beaches with a bar and restaurant.

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4. Mala Plage

The finest and gorgeous beach in French Riviera is Mala Plage. The steeply rising cliffs and emerald waters surround a beautiful stretch of white sand and pebbles. The beach overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and lies on the southeast coast of France. You can enjoy the breathtaking views over the rippling water by relaxing on the sunbeds and loungers. Adventure seekers can ride the peddle-boats and go for other water sports for adventure.

5. Calanque d’En Vau

Calanque d’En Vau is France’s most beautiful beach with steep white cliffs rises from the Mediterranean Sea. The high peak and green-turquoise water make this place more spectacular in the national park. In the end, there a hidden gem named Shingle Beach. The only way to reach the beach is by climbing the very high limestone cliff and climbing it. You can expect some adventure like hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, boating, and other aquatic sports.

6. Bray-Dunes

Bray-Dunes beach is around 15 kilometers from Dunkerque and is located in Nord, which borders Belgium. The unspoiled beach is a seaside resort that is a pleasant early morning. It is a family-friendly and recreational town. You can experience the sea swimming, shrimp fishing, and sunbathing on the beach. It also features lovely children’s play area, lifeguards, and a plethora of nearby restaurants. This expensive beach is a bustling public beach that frequented and animated beaches within Bray-Dunes seaside resort area.

7. Plage Zamenhoff

Plage Zamenhoff is a pristine beach that offers its visitors magnificent views over the Bay of Cannes. It lies on the eastern side of La Croisette, near Port Canto. The beach is equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, restaurants, resorts, and lockers for the visitors to rent. You can also get a fortuitous to discover the hidden gem Ile Sainte Marguerite that is only a half-mile away from mainland France. Enjoy sunbathing, peaceful swims, and other fun activities over the beautiful blue Mediterranean waters.

8. Opera Plage

The name Opera Plage is from the nearby Nice Opera House that lies between Beau Rivage and Ponchettes beach in Nice, France. It features an expensive public beach along with a private beach restaurant. Tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, wakeboarding, and waterskiing. Opera is one of the oldest and secluded beaches in Nice with a larger pedestrian area. The beach gives you welcoming vibes for a sunny and relaxing day facing the Baie des Anges.

9. Plage de Pampelonne

Plage de Pampelonne is the most popular and the longest beach in Saint-Tropez. The beach has 5 km of shoreline that is curved in shape. The white sand is delicate with soft turquoise water. The curved bay is so beautiful that one can dream about it. Many in-line restaurants offer multiple cuisines, lounge chairs, and umbrellas.

10. Plage de Roccapina, Corsica

A beach list with Corsica’s beach is not possible because Corsica’s magnificent beaches are worth mentioning. The island has many stunning beaches that include Plage de Roccapina, the gorgeous beach on Corsica Island. This beach is the most scenic and peaceful with less crowd. Here you can try out some adventure like hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, water surfing, and many more. Turquoise water attracts you for swimming and fine sand to soaking your toes.

Bottom line

Okie, so let’s get the ball rolling!!! Check-in to these ten best beaches in France to enjoy them. Just make sure that you only leave your footsteps behind in the sand and nothing else.

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