Best Things to Buy in Kotor

Are you visiting Kotor? Check out the list of best things to buy from Kotor.

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Montenegro is a charmingly quaint country and the variance seen in beauty and cuisine is astonishing. Moreover, the city of Kotor is blessed with stunning landscapes, and when coupled with amazing food, the experience becomes next level. Few of the best things to buy in Kotor are also related to food. You can bring these items home as souvenirs and gift them to your loved ones.

5 Best Things to Buy in Kotor

Although there are multiple things you can buy from Kotor, a few of those are:

1. Brojanica

Brojanica is a special kind of rosary made from sheep’s wool. Although these are orthodox prayer ropes, these brojanica and brojanice are popular among citizens of Eastern Europe, especially among countries like Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and others. Moreover, these are linked to the early days of Christianity, and over the years, they have evolved considerably in styles. Brojanica are now also used as a fashion accessory and can be a perfect gift for loved ones from Kotor.

2. Vranac Wine

This wine is one of the must-buy things in Kotor, and if you love wine, this is also an ideal thing to try in Kotor. Montenegro is undoubtedly famous for its vineyards and produces a variety of grapes. One of the most popular types is the Vranac, which is also the source of one of the most popular wines in Montenegro. This wine also boasts its geographical protected status, which signifies that any Vranac wine that exists must be produced from the scabrous topography of Montenegro.

3. Montenegrin Headgear with a Kapa Cap

The Montenegrin headgear with a Kapa cap is one of the quintessential things of Montenegro. This traditional piece is considered one of the tourist favorites in Kotor and is a great souvenir for loved ones. Although similar to the Lika and Herzegovina-style caps, these are cylindrical in shape and are usually black with a red top. However, if you don't like this combination, multiple versions are available. Needless to say, this also acts as a great memento from Kotor, Montenegro.

4. Olive Oil

There are many olive groves in Montenegro; hence, olive oil is undoubtedly an essential part of the country's cuisine. So, if you are a food lover and love cooking, this is a must-buy thing for you. This oil has a unique flavor and a low-acid content, giving it a rich taste. Moreover, it is available widely across different grocery stores all over the county.

5. Montenegro Grape Vinegar

As mentioned above, the most iconic things you can bring from Kotor are related to food, and the Montenegro grape vinegar is another addition to this. Montenegro is the home of some of the best vineyards in the world, and you can find grape vinegar here, which is best-in-quality. You can easily locate this in local shops, making it easier to buy it.

Besides these best things to buy in Kotor, you can also check:


Some of the best things to buy in Kotor are undoubtedly related to food, but other than that, you can also buy antique coins from the shops also look for bee-related products such as honey-based shops, beeswax candles, royal jelly, bee pollen, and more. These are usually small items that are easier to carry on a trip and are perfect as small souvenirs.

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