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Top-Rated Parks in Alberta

Let Alberta surprise and mesmerize you with 5 of its beautiful parks during your vacation here; it is an experience that you will never be likely to forget.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Alberta is a beautiful province located on the western side of Canada. It officially became a part of western Canada on the 1st of September 1905. Its economy was initially based on fur, and later on, the people of Alberta switched to dealing in natural resources, that is, its bitumen-rich sands.

Today, Alberta is primarily known for its oil sands distribution to places all over Canada, as well as its varied landscape of boreal forests, foothills, parks, etc. The varied nature of the landscape will make exploring these top-rated parks in Alberta an exciting experience.

5 Popular Parks to Explore in Alberta

Here are a few parks that you can explore during your time in Alberta –

1. Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park resides on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountain range. It is about 90 miles from the province of Alberta and offers access to a stunning landscape. The dense forests that grow on the slopes, coupled with the presence of fauna such as the elk, the bighorn sheep, and bear, all combine to make this park rank high on the list of beautiful parks in Alberta, Canada.

Tourists can opt for either hiking up to the mountain or cycling on the dedicated paths to explore and get around the area. Additionally, the local town of Jasper has all the amenities tourists require for their trip up the mountain.

2. Banff National Park

The Banff National Park happens to be one of Canada’s oldest national parks. It resides 187 miles from the province of Alberta. As a tourist, you will simply adore this park for its alpine landscape, complete with its conifer-filled forests, peaks capped with snow, clear pristine lakes, etc.

You will find plenty of activities to indulge in, from hiking through the park to canoeing on one of the many lakes. You can also explore the delights of the local town of Banff, which has restaurants, shopping boutiques, etc.

3. Bow Valley Provincial Park

Located at a distance of 344 miles from the province of Alberta, the Bow Valley National Park is one of the other ethereally beautiful national parks in Canada. It has an abundance of trails or hiking paths, such as the Grotto Canyon Trail and the Engagement Mountain Trail. All of which provide great opportunities for hikers to know the area more intimately.

The park also offers opportunities to indulge in activities such as fishing in the Bow and the Kananaskis rivers. It also offers opportunities to simply enjoy the natural beauty in some spots, such as Bow Lake, called ‘Lac des Arcs’, and so on, which makes it one of the most beautiful parks in Alberta, Canada.

4. Peter Lougheed National Park

The Peter Lougheed National Park is located at a distance of 365 miles from the province of Alberta, in the Kananaskis country. Tourists here can explore various trails, such as the Rawson Lake and Sarrail Ridge Trail, which rewards hikers with an awe-inspiring view of the Rawson Lake and the Chester Lake and Elephant Rocks trail, which provides hikers with a glorious vista as they walk on the trail.

Visitors who prefer to have supplies for amenities nearby can head over to the towns of Canmore, re-stock or stock up on supplies. They can also simply relax and rest in the lodges such as the William Watson Lodge, calling an end to their hike.

5. Elk Island National Park

Located at a distance of 191 miles from the province of Alberta, the Elk Island National Park is one of the must-visit parks in Alberta. It is a haven for wildlife such as moose, deer, bison, elk, wood bison, and 250 species of birds.

Visitors enjoy hiking through the trails present along with camping on the site, which allows them to enjoy and experience the beauty of the area.

Final Words

Now, with this list of top-rated parks in Alberta, you can plan your visit accordingly. And, for all the travel arrangements, you can visit

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