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The Cruise Journey
The Cruise Journey

10 Amazing Cruise Lines for First-Time Cruisers

If you are a first-time cruiser, then check out this list of cruise lines for first-timers.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruising is considered to be one of the eccentric ways to travel in the industry. Cruise travel is associated with high-ceiling, lavish interiors, on-deck pools, open-air cinema, water rides, and other extravaganzas. Sailing is more of a lifestyle than a travel experience. First-timers ought to get befuddled given the extensive options of cruise lines and destinations in the industry. The all-inclusive reputation of cruises is all the more reason to set out for a majestic destination in the high seas. Avid First time Cruisers who want to try out waterways as a mode of transport are guaranteed to be impressed by the unmatched oomph on the ship along the way.

10 Exceptional Cruise Lines for First-Time Cruisers

1. Disney Cruise Line

Imagine cruising on a mini version of Disneyland! Disney cruise line has the patent for family cruises in the industry. The family-oriented cruise creates a bubble of joy with Disney themed designs and amenities to keep the cruisers amused. Snuggle up with your favourite Disney characters on the vessel like Goofy, Pooh, Cinderella and many more. Decorated nurseries equipped with toys and other baby products are also available onboard. Savour delicacies at top restaurants with fairy tale décor and draw yourself a luxurious bath in the bathtub in your stateroom.

2. Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International is not just a brand but a way of living. The guests are enthralled by the premium services onboard. The ships boast adventure sports equipment onboard, pools, bars, pubs, and several other amenities for adults. The entire vibe of Royal Caribbean is more adult-centric than family-oriented with the party lifestyle and on-deck sports. Drink mocktail, try out your luck at the casino, and dance the night away on Royal Caribbean!

3. Silversea Cruises

Hop aboard with Silversea if luxury is your priority. The upscale cruise ships attract a mature crowd with its all-inclusive pricing that allows you to evade unexpected pricing. Go fine dining by sea with the view of the horizon. The pace of activities is more relaxing and relatively slow as compared to mainstream entertainment cruises.

4. Oceania Cruises

Persons intrigued by the making of exotic dishes and gourmet cuisines must get on board with Oceania. The food served at the restaurants onboard speaks volumes for its culinary arts. Revered chefs such as the French chef Jacques Pepin are in charge of the culinary endeavors onboard. The line is famous for its lobsters and Asian-style food.

5. Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival appeals to a wide spectrum of guests who want to sail on a budget. Their ships sail to the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Mexico for a fun-filled vacation. You will find itineraries as short and cheap as you want. Although reasonable, the uncompromising service is what attracts the customers. With maximum ports in the US, carnival travels to 11 different states.

6. Holland America Line

Go solo with Holland America that hosts glamorous parties for singles and couples. Cruisers will not fall short of things to do on their vacation. Mingle with your fellow cruises and make unforgettable memories in the seas. On the brighter side, the line is also queer-friendly and sets you up with a partner of your preference. The services onboard are undoubtedly spick and span considering its long-term existence in the industry.

7. Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian ships are packed with entertainment shows. Be it music, comedy, theatre, or dance, each performance has its own charm on their vessels. Musicals like Rock of Ages, Footloose and Kinky Boots are among the most popular ones on their cruises. Tap your feet and sway to the Latin beats during Burn The Floor. There are plenty of diners, bars, discos and even a bowling area for entertainment.

8. Princess Cruises

This slow-paced cruise line allows you to enjoy your journey at your own pace. Sailing on Princess is truly a rejuvenating experience as it lives up to its tagline “Come Back New”. The onboard amenities of the ships are designed to pamper the guests in all manners. You can book a spa and relax in the ambient parlours or even sign up for yoga class.

9. Cunard Line

Cunard is the closest you will come to Victorian cruising if you have passionately been fantasizing about sailing on the Titanic. The aesthetic oozes British features with sophisticated interiors. This is a line for ladies and foppish dandies who wish to immerse in the works of Shakespeare. The cruise line’s Transatlantic itineraries are sure to leave the guests mesmerized with beauty as they sail with elegance.

10. Viking River Cruises

River cruising is the most leisurely way to sail through the narrow waters and explore the intricacies of a destination. Viking is known for its destination-centric itineraries that enable you to explore the place in and out. A total of 60 vessels of the line sails through the waterways of Europe, Egypt, Russia and Asia. Scandinavian interiors and the specialized treatment by the crew is known to impress the travellers.

Embark upon the vacation of your life and trust these best cruise line options to liven up your journey with top-notch amenities and fun activities.

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