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How to save money on a Disney cruise ship?

Embrace the world of magic and fantasy while sailing on a Disney cruise ship. Here are the top five ways to save money on a Disney cruise ship.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Disney Cruise Line is known for offering unlimited entertainment, fine dining, and luxurious relaxation. You can choose from Disney Magic, Disney Dream, Disney Wonder, and Disney Fantasy to sail into the world of magic, adventure, and wonderful hospitality. With Disney cruises, you can set out on a thrilling vacation to destinations in Europe, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean from Miami, San Diego, New York, New Orleans, or Port Canaveral. This blog will share tips that will allow you to save money on a Disney cruise ship.

Tips to save money on a Disney cruise

Although all Disney cruises have an all-expenses paid, inclusive sailing package, you must pay additional charges to make your vacation enjoyable. We have noted down certain tips you can follow to save money on a Disney cruise ship efficiently.

1. Allow Disney to choose your cabin

If you are planning to save money on a Disney cruise ship, then consider allowing the cruise liner to choose your cabin. It would offer you a cabin according to your payments, including discounts and other promotions.

While making reservations, you can choose to mention your room type. This can be a verandah, inside, or other corners. Disney cruise ships will offer you a cabin in your selected area and allow you to save on your vacation, which can be up to 35%. This may vary depending on the season, destination, and type of rooms you are planning to choose.

2. Opt for advance booking

Another way to save money on a Disney cruise ship is by going for advanced booking. On that note, late bookings can also open up chances of certain discounts that can be helpful if you are an impulsive traveler. Notably, booking early allows you to choose your room conveniently instead of selecting from the remaining ones when booking late. To save wisely on a Disney cruise ship, keep checking the prices and plan a trip only when you get the best discounts.

3. Attempt off-season travels

Popular as family cruise ships, Disney cruises are in high demand during peak seasons. This refers to the periods of school holidays when most families are off for vacations. At other periods when schools are on, the demand for Disney cruises is comparatively low. You can take a chance by pre-booking your trip during this season to save money. However, if you cannot get a holiday to travel during the off-season, try to use offers for late booking to save money on Disney cruises.

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4. Avoid buying extras when on a cruise

After budgeting and thorough planning, this is another essential way to save money on Disney cruises. When onboard, you can find options to purchase several items, from food to entertainment. These can be tempting for both kids and adults. However, purchasing recklessly is not a good idea. It can affect your budget for the entire vacation. Therefore, consider avoiding the purchase of extras and additional services when sailing on a Disney cruise ship with your family.

5. Bring your own bottles

After you have successfully made your bookings, it is time to consider how to save additional expenses when onboard. One expense you can chop off your list is the alcohol and other liquor charges. Every traveler above 21 years of age can carry two unopened bottles of wine or champagne or a 6-pack of beer at the beginning of their journey. This policy not only entails alcoholic drinks but also beverages like soda or cold drinks.

Final thoughts

To save money on a Disney cruise ship, you can plan a vacation to a comparatively affordable destination. Furthermore, avoid buying extras on your Disney cruise vacation, as this will increase your expenses, and you would not wish to overshoot your budget at the cost of enjoyment. You can follow the above-mentioned tips to enjoy an economical vacation on a Disney cruise ship without compromising on the fun.

So, plan a memorable family vacation while saving money on a Disney cruise. Furthermore, while making your Disney cruise bookings, consider minutely browsing the terms and conditions. can help you know about the charges applied on Disney cruises and provide ways to prevent unnecessary expenses.

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