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How to get a good deal on a Disney Cruise

Planning a cruise holiday with Disney Cruises? Plan your finances in advance to avoid a hefty toll on your budget. Click here for five tips to get a good deal on this cruise line.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruise ships offer a great way to spend your vacation. While there are multiple cruise lines, Disney Cruises have gained popularity for their luxurious facilities and features. Particularly, if you are travelling with children, Disney Cruise ships will ensure a perfect holiday with various Disney-themed activities for their entertainment.

Keep reading to find ways to get good deals on a Disney Cruise.

Tips to get good deals on a Disney Cruise

Are you planning a cruise holiday on Disney Cruise? Make sure you plan your budget wisely. Therefore, consider a few ways to help you save some extra bucks. Here are the top five tips to get a good deal on a Disney Cruise.

1. Book early and plan the timing

If you plan acruise during holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter, booking the tickets in advance will help you save money. This is because ticket prices keep increasing as these events come closer. Moreover, prices start jumping as the accommodations start filling up. Therefore, advance booking can help you save money.  You can also avail incredible Christmas cruise deals and other holiday deals.

It would help if you also considered the timing of your cruise. Usually, cruise fares are higher on Disney Cruises during the summer and holiday seasons. Therefore, the fare remains much lower during the school year. Moreover, planning your trip during the off-season will help you save a fortune on a cruise.

2. Credit card points

Credit card companies sometimes allow members to use their points at a fixed value to be applied as a payment. Some credit card companies also partner with the cruise lines to offer special amenities or discounts when using that credit card to pay for a cruise.

3. Search for onboard credits

Travel agents offer statement credits when you book an expensive Disney Cruise from them. While the percentage of the onboard credit might vary, it is still a special offer that can help to alleviate some onboard expenses.

4. Pay with the Disney visa onboard for cruise discounts

Disney Visa cardholders can often take advantage of different discounts and benefits, which help them, reduce travel expenses on a Disney Cruise. For example, Disney will provide onboard credit if you use it to pay for the entire cruise fare. Moreover, there are six months of free financing for Disney Cruises and a great welcome bonus with this visa.

Apart from that, the visa offers 20% off on selected spa treatments, 10% off on onboard merchandise purchases, and nearly 10% off on Castaway Cay packages. Moreover, you can also spread your payments with this visa at a 0% annual percentage rate.

Final word

These top tips can help you get a good deal on a Disney Cruise. The expenses are likely to be high on this luxurious cruise, and saving money will become challenging if you do not plan it in advance. Hopefully, these tips will be adequate to help you enjoy a perfect cruise holiday at a reasonable price range.

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