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Winter Cruise Destination
Winter Cruise Destination

What are the Popular Winter Cruise Destinations?

Cruising in winters is the best way for many to escape the cold climate from December to April. Here, you will learn the best destinations for winter cruises.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Considering the freezing months of winters, people living in cold regions plan to spend their holidays sailing away to warmer places. Besides, winter cruises are popular amongst tourists who wish to enjoy the winter festivities. Here are some popular winter cruise destinations that you must add to your bucket list while planning your vacation.

Best winter cruise destinations you must visit

As winter months set in, cruises sail across the globe to offer a whole new adventure. Here are some of the popular winter cruise destinations that you must plan to experience.

1. Southeast Asia

As chilling winters dominate North America and Northern Europe, most people aim to find bliss in the tropics. Considering this, many cruises sail through the Indian Ocean and take tourists to South Asian countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

During your stay in these countries, you can explore 12th-century temples and ancient caves, as well as relax on beaches or indulge in water activities. The temperature here is comparatively pleasant as opposed to colder temperatures in the north.

2. The Caribbean

It is one of the most popular winter cruise destinations. Most people cruise to the Caribbean Islands from December to April to enjoy the pleasant tropical climate. Jamaica, Barbados, and St. Lucia are some of the popular winter cruise destinations.

As the temperature is between 70°F and 80°F, water is warm and great for fun activities like snorkeling or deep sea diving. The beaches offer ample relaxation and the opportunity to sunbathe. Try the local drinks and food at a beach bar and restaurant.

If you are not a beach lover, then consider hiking through the islands amidst lush greenery and enjoy bird-watching. To explore ancient temples, experience zip lining, or enjoy hiking, you can visit Belize during the winter months.

3. Antarctica

To spend an adventurous winter, you can cruise down south crossing magnificent icebergs to the continent of Antarctica. It is a two-day journey from the ports of Argentina. Your winter cruise to Antarctica will acquaint you with the wilderness of this continent as you sail through magnificent glaciers. On your Antarctica voyage, you can indulge in activities like mountaineering, kayaking, hiking, or scuba diving to feed the explorer in you.

4. French Polynesia

Tahiti, Bora Bora, Rangiroa, Maupiti, and Huahine-Iti are some of the major islands that constitute French Polynesia. Winters are an ideal time to visit these islands as temperatures are not as high and humid as summers or as cold as the winters of northern regions.

The ocean is cool and relaxing during this season and rainfall, if any, is scattered. Consider opting for snorkeling or scuba diving during your stay in Bora Bora Islands to explore colorful corals and swim with schools of fish and sharks.

Key takeaways

If you wish for a tranquil trip to the tropics or extreme poles, then you can consider winter cruises. While cruising during winter months, you do not have to worry about hurricanes, heat waves, sunburn, or frequent rainfalls. So, if you are planning a special holiday with your loved ones, then consider sailing to the above destinations on winter cruises. Also, you can reach out to for assistance.

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