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What do you wear on a snorkeling cruise?

On a snorkeling cruise, knowing what to wear is essential for a comfortable diving adventure. Find out more about it by reading on.

By Cruise Booking Team

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In this article, you will get the necessary information about the snorkeling equipment you should wear for a safe and comfortable diving experience.

Things to wear on a snorkeling cruise

If you want to witness underwater marine life, wearing proper snorkeling gear is of utmost importance. Take a look below to know the things to wear on a snorkeling cruise:

1. Snorkel

It is one of the crucial pieces of equipment to wear during a snorkeling excursion. Picking a snorkel with a comfortable silicone mouthpiece will help you breathe easily and allow you to stay in the water for a longer period. Depending on your diving experience, you can pick the perfect one from a snorkeling cruise.

For instance, if you are a beginner in snorkeling, a dry snorkel can be a viable option. This will prevent you from swallowing water. Also, you should consider looking for features like a splash guard. This feature minimizes any water entry in the tube while you are swimming on the surface.

2. Mask

It is another crucial piece of equipment on the list of what to wear on a snorkeling cruise. A comfortable mask is one of the things that you will need during a snorkeling excursion. A high-quality mask makes your experience more pleasurable, providing a clear view of underwater marine life.

If you want to dive deep into the water, it is imperative to wear a mask. Deep down, the water is much denser than air, and immense pressure can create air spaces in the mask, resulting in compression. Pushing it tighter against your face causes great discomfort. Therefore, finding a mask that fits your face appropriately is paramount.

3. Swim Fins

During most snorkeling excursions, the cruises want you to wear swim fins as they allow you to swim competently. They also give you the control to navigate around marine life and corals. With the right fin, you can pivot in place, move backward, and turn corners with your hands efficiently and gently observe reef corals, fish, and other animals.

The snorkeling fin must fit you comfortably without pinching you anywhere so you can swim longer.

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4. Wet Suit

If you are planning to go snorkeling in the Pacific, you need to wear a wetsuit to stay comfortable and safe. Apart from keeping you warm, a wet suit protects you from stingy particles in the ocean and prevents sunburns. Wetsuits with short leggings and sleeves can be the right choice if you are willing to take an adventurous snorkeling ride in the tropical.

Try to opt for wetsuits made of Neoprene material that has tons of air pockets in it. The material has an added insulating layer, keeps you warm, and helps you to float in the water.

5. Snorkeling Boots

Wearing suitable and comfortable snorkeling boots makes diving more enjoyable and easier. Sometimes, even high-quality snorkeling fins can cause blisters around the heel.

In this regard, wearing snorkeling boots under the fins can prevent the formation of blisters. They come with adjustable heel straps, keeping the fins in place. Not all beach shores are equal; you need these kinds of boots when the shore is rough and covered with rocks and sharp shells.


Snorkeling is an exciting and fun activity, making it the go-to activity for most water enthusiasts. So, if you are preparing to go on a snorkeling tour, always make sure to have the important things to wear on a snorkeling cruise - a mask, snorkel, wetsuit, and more. Most cruise lines will offer equipment for a fee, so don’t worry about packing your own.  To book a cruise that offers snorkeling tours, go to and check out a vast array of cruise lines. 

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