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snorkeling on a cruise
snorkeling on a cruise

Can you go snorkeling on a cruise?

Snorkeling is a fun water activity for professional and newbie divers vacationing on exotic islands. But can you go snorkeling on a cruise?

By Cruise Booking Team

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Snorkeling is a popular hobby wherein people dive deep into the ocean to explore marine life. This water activity gets its name from the snorkel, a mark that divers use to keep breathing.

Snorkeling on Cruise: Best Islands & Things to Remember

Most cruise ships sailing to exotic islands allow tourists to snorkel into the ocean and gain the experience of a lifetime. Sometimes, snorkeling is added to your tour packages, or you can opt for it as an add-on.

It is a fun activity and a great way to spend time while your cruise ship is docked on an island. Keep reading to know the best islands for snorkeling and the essential tips for snorkeling on a cruise.

Best Islands for Snorkeling on a Cruise

As stated earlier, most cruise liners offer tourists a chance to discover the treasured world underwater. You can witness corals and swim along colorful fishes while snorkeling. If you cruise along the following destinations, consider diving into the turquoise waves and capturing the beauty of the deep seas.

Things to Remember While Snorkeling on a Cruise

Snorkeling is among the most popular water sports for cruiser passengers sailing worldwide. By diving deep into the sea, you will discover a hidden world with vibrant and colorful aquatic life.

However, before diving to discover the underwater world, here are some things you must remember about snorkeling on a cruise.

Get Your Age and Health Restriction Checked

Before you board a cruise and go snorkeling, you must complete a form clearly stating your health condition. In some countries, you may be asked to take a diving examination before you can go snorkeling on a cruise.

In most cases, people with heart conditions, asthma, epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, and pregnant women are not allowed to go scuba diving or snorkeling.

Go for Off-Season Cruises

Cruises in peak season mean crowded ships, which will increase the number of divers and might ruin your quaint underwater experience. To avoid this, you can opt for less crowded off-season cruise trips.

If you are planning a cruise vacation in the peak season, consider researching and opt for those that divide tourists into small groups for snorkeling. This may be a little more expensive than usual cruise packages. However, the money would be worth it for the unforgettable experience.

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Carry Your Gear

If you are an avid snorkeling lover, consider carrying your own gear while packing for a cruise vacation. By doing so, you can go for a dive without any restrictions or additional expenses.

Do Not Forget Your Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential to your luggage when preparing for a cruise vacation. On that note, make sure you use reef-safe sunscreen. This will not harm the ecosystem of the reefs and corals when you are coming in contact with water.

When you are snorkeling, you might feel fresh owing to the presence of cool water around. However, your exposed body parts might get sunburned. If you somehow do not have sunscreen, you may go for long-sleeved swim shirts. The best swim shirts have UV protection to guard your skin against rash and sunburns.

Key Takeaways

Cruises allow both experienced and newbie tourists to go snorkeling on cruises while vacationing on exotic islands. First-time snorkelers can mostly venture into the shallow parts of the sea under the guidance of professionals. Experienced or professional snorkelers, on the other hand, can dive into the deeper waters. However, if you have certain health conditions, avoid snorkeling to prevent health complications.

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