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Should I Go on a Cruise Trip While Pregnant?

Want to spend quality time with your partner on a cruise trip while pregnant? Read to know some tips on enjoying your trip to the fullest!

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you plan wisely, going on a cruise vacation can be an excellent way to relax during your pregnancy. However, before taking off, consult with your healthcare provider. Also, some cruise lines do have very specific pregnancy policies in place.

To ensure a hassle-free experience, remember to consider your physical and mental health before deciding to go on a cruise trip while pregnant. This article will discuss some facts or tips that an expectant mother should consider before sailing.

Is it Possible to Go on a Cruise Trip While Pregnant?

The answer is yes. If you are enjoying a healthy pregnancy, a cruise trip can be an ideal vacation option before your little one arrives. However, the majority of cruise liners have some strict pregnancy policies.

For instance, pregnant women can only board a cruise in their first or second trimesters. This signifies that if you are in your fourth trimester, you will not be allowed to sail. Such strict guidelines are followed due to concerns about possible pregnancy complications, medical conditions, and premature births.

During your second trimester, there is a good chance of an increase in energy level. As a result, you will feel less fatigue. Therefore, it will be comparatively comfortable and seamless for you to travel. Before opting for a cruise trip while pregnant, you should be extra careful if you are experiencing placenta previa, intrauterine growth restriction, or other medical conditions that could put your pregnancy at risk. In this regard, consult your doctor first before traveling.

Tips for Cruising During Pregnancy

To experience the best out of your cruise vacation while you are expecting, scroll down to know some tips for cruising during pregnancy.

1. Pick a Suitable Travel Destination

If you are on a babymoon trip, avoid places where infectious diseases dominate. As per the reports of the CDC, Zika infection during pregnancy can cause grave birth defects. So plan out accordingly and refrain from visiting countries where the water or food may not be safe.

2. Look Out for Suitable Activities

Pregnant cruisers should avoid participating in risky or adventurous activities like diving, snorkeling, zip-lining, ice-skating, and more. However, you can still enjoy many activities, including spending time at the spa, using the fitness center, mini golf, deck games, dancing classes, and others.

3. Pack Your Essentials

It is normal for pregnant passengers to feel nauseous while cruising. It is obvious pregnant women are more prone to motion sickness while on board. This happens when your senses are confused or out of balance. One of the best drug-free ways to alleviate motion sickness is to have ginger candies, use acupressure bands, and relax by the pools while sunbathing.

4. Take Comfortable Clothes

Packing your backpack is crucial if you are planning a cruise trip while pregnant. During the first trimester, you may feel comfortable in normal clothes. But this may not happen after a week of enjoying the delicacies available onboard. Therefore, always wear comfortable clothing like elasticated trousers, floaty dresses, etc. Also, make sure to wear flats as they are more comfy for walking.

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Going on a cruise trip while pregnant can help you spend quality time with your loved ones. However, consider the tips mentioned above before planning for such a vacation. Before planning any trip, make sure to assess your physical health by consulting with a doctor. If you are ready to take a pre-baby vacation, you can book a cruise on

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