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travel for kids
travel for kids

Do cruises offer free travel for kids?

Did you know your kids can cruise free on many cruises? Here are some cruises that allow children to sail for free on their ships.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Many cruise lines offer special itineraries that are popular among families with children. These offer a range of amenities and discounts for children below 17 years, allowing families to get the most value for money on their trip.

You may look for cruises that do not charge infants below 2 years boarding the ship. Some also offer promotions, allowing passengers to bring children for free.

This blog enumerates cruises that allow free travel for kids and other amenities.

Which cruise line offers free travel for kids?

There are many facilities for families with kids to enjoy on a cruise vacation at any given season. However, the charges involved can be quite hefty. To address this, many family-friendly cruise lines promote sail-free offers for kids.

Here are some of the popular cruise lines that allow kids to sail without any additional charge along with his/her parents.

1. Holland America Line

Holland America Line offers the ″free to cruise″ facility to children on certain itineraries. This allows children of 17 years or below to tag along with their parents in the same cabin without extra charges. They can travel as a third or fourth guest along with their family members. However, one must pay the port fees and taxes for each child sailing onboard.

One can take advantage of this promotional offer for Caribbean cruises, Alaska cruises, and Mexico cruises, among other ports included in the specific itinerary.

2. Disney Cruise Line

You may already know that Disney Cruises is very popular among families planning an exotic vacation with their children. With Disney Cruises, special promotions for children are available for third and fourth family members for select passengers.

To get the sail-free promotion for children, guests must have at least one Disney+ online OTT platform subscription. Children can ride for free with their parents, who paid the full fare for cruises on Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic, and Disney Dream.

Furthermore, there are different activities onboard that make the trip enjoyable for kids of all ages. These activities include pools for kids, an AquaDunk waterslide, and a character dining experience at sea.

3. Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian Cruise Line offers itineraries that allow free travel for kids as third and fourth guests. These offers are available for destinations like the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Alaska among many others around the world.

You can plan an awesome vacation for kids with the Norwegian Cruise Line with kids' clubs, special dining, entertainment, and other activities. For an enjoyable trip, choose a package that does not break the bank. Many ships under this cruise line offer family-friendly staterooms with two-bedroom suites.

4. MSC Cruise Line

MSC Cruise Line is one of the biggest names in cruising in Europe, and it is rapidly gaining popularity in North America. Their ships offer one of the best experiences in the Caribbean, with impeccable hospitality and amazing interiors.

Furthermore, children are free to sail on their royal cruises for specific itineraries. This offer is available all year round for children below 18 years of age. It is important to note that parents must pay the taxes and port charges for each child.

MSC Cruise Line offers a variety of leisure and amusement activities for children. This includes water parks, slides, swimming pools, Broadway-like shows, dining experiences, and an endless number of services. These activities are offered in packages that will let your children enjoy a memorable vacation.

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All the major cruise liners offer free travel for kids under certain conditions on specific itineraries. Remember that all guests, regardless of their age, will be charged for port fees. These cruise ships offer an endless number of onboard activities where children can participate and enjoy a memorable vacation with their parents and make new friends on board.

However, some of these offers are for a limited period only. Therefore, if you are planning a family cruise vacation, consider looking out for such offers to save money. You can look for the best deals for all travel styles and budgets on

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