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Kids Sail Free Cruise Deals for 2024

MSC Cruises Winter Escape Sale:

Up To $700 Off Cruises + Kids Sail Free + 50% Off Single Supplement On Select Sailings

November 04, 2024
Starting from $29.59*/night ($799.00*)
November 08, 2024
Starting from $31.19*/night ($499.00*)
November 08, 2024
Starting from $31.06*/night ($559.00*)
November 08, 2024
Starting from $25.93*/night ($389.00*)
November 08, 2024
Starting from $34.30*/night ($789.00*)
November 08, 2024
Starting from $33.59*/night ($739.00*)
November 08, 2024
Starting from $32.45*/night ($649.00*)
November 08, 2024
Starting from $31.53*/night ($599.00*)
November 09, 2024
Starting from $30.64*/night ($429.00*)
November 09, 2024
Starting from $25.93*/night ($389.00*)
November 10, 2024
Starting from $56.50*/night ($339.00*)
November 15, 2024
Starting from $49.86*/night ($349.00*)
November 17, 2024
Starting from $85.57*/night ($599.00*)
November 20, 2024
Starting from $157.00*/night ($1,099.00*)
November 24, 2024
Starting from $87.00*/night ($609.00*)
November 27, 2024
Starting from $62.71*/night ($439.00*)
November 29, 2024
Starting from $58.43*/night ($409.00*)
December 01, 2024
Starting from $75.57*/night ($529.00*)
December 04, 2024
Starting from $55.57*/night ($389.00*)
December 06, 2024
Starting from $48.43*/night ($339.00*)
December 08, 2024
Starting from $75.57*/night ($529.00*)
December 11, 2024
Starting from $58.43*/night ($409.00*)
December 15, 2024
Starting from $92.71*/night ($649.00*)
December 18, 2024
Starting from $128.43*/night ($899.00*)
December 22, 2024
Starting from $175.57*/night ($1,229.00*)
December 25, 2024
Starting from $155.57*/night ($1,089.00*)
December 29, 2024
Starting from $197.00*/night ($1,379.00*)
December 30, 2024
Starting from $114.14*/night ($799.00*)
December 31, 2024
Starting from $119.86*/night ($839.00*)
January 01, 2025
Starting from $81.29*/night ($569.00*)
January 03, 2025
Starting from $59.86*/night ($419.00*)
January 05, 2025
Starting from $97.00*/night ($679.00*)
January 08, 2025
Starting from $72.71*/night ($509.00*)
January 10, 2025
Starting from $39.86*/night ($279.00*)
January 12, 2025
Starting from $91.29*/night ($639.00*)
January 15, 2025
Starting from $65.57*/night ($459.00*)
January 17, 2025
Starting from $59.86*/night ($419.00*)
January 19, 2025
Starting from $89.86*/night ($629.00*)
January 22, 2025
Starting from $65.57*/night ($459.00*)
January 24, 2025
Starting from $58.43*/night ($409.00*)
January 26, 2025
Starting from $88.43*/night ($619.00*)
January 29, 2025
Starting from $65.57*/night ($459.00*)
January 31, 2025
Starting from $58.43*/night ($409.00*)
February 02, 2025
Starting from $94.14*/night ($659.00*)
February 05, 2025
Starting from $59.86*/night ($419.00*)
February 07, 2025
Starting from $58.43*/night ($409.00*)
February 09, 2025
Starting from $94.14*/night ($659.00*)
February 12, 2025
Starting from $59.86*/night ($419.00*)
February 14, 2025
Starting from $69.86*/night ($489.00*)
February 16, 2025
Starting from $94.14*/night ($659.00*)
February 19, 2025
Starting from $59.86*/night ($419.00*)
February 21, 2025
Starting from $58.43*/night ($409.00*)
February 23, 2025
Starting from $94.14*/night ($659.00*)
February 26, 2025
Starting from $67.00*/night ($469.00*)
February 28, 2025
Starting from $58.43*/night ($409.00*)
March 02, 2025
Starting from $97.00*/night ($679.00*)
March 05, 2025
Starting from $67.00*/night ($469.00*)
March 07, 2025
Starting from $55.51*/night ($388.55*)
March 09, 2025
Starting from $101.29*/night ($709.00*)
March 12, 2025
Starting from $67.00*/night ($469.00*)
March 14, 2025
Starting from $58.43*/night ($409.00*)
March 16, 2025
Starting from $101.29*/night ($709.00*)
March 19, 2025
Starting from $77.00*/night ($539.00*)
March 23, 2025
Starting from $127.00*/night ($889.00*)
March 26, 2025
Starting from $77.00*/night ($539.00*)
March 29, 2025
Starting from $39.09*/night ($899.00*)
March 30, 2025
Starting from $114.14*/night ($799.00*)
April 02, 2025
Starting from $77.00*/night ($539.00*)
April 06, 2025
Starting from $40.56*/night ($649.00*)
April 06, 2025
Starting from $46.16*/night ($1,015.55*)
April 06, 2025
Starting from $54.21*/night ($759.00*)
April 06, 2025
Starting from $47.35*/night ($1,089.00*)
April 09, 2025
Starting from $77.00*/night ($539.00*)
April 16, 2025
Starting from $85.57*/night ($599.00*)
April 18, 2025
Starting from $105.57*/night ($739.00*)
April 23, 2025
Starting from $73.15*/night ($512.05*)

Offer valid on new bookings made from Jun 03, 2024 to Jun 30, 2024. Some restrictions may apply*

Fares above do not include drink or wifi packages. Adding a drink and wifi package at the time of booking can save you money versus purchasing the packages separately.*

Kids Sail Free Deals!

Are you thinking about cruising? Many cruise lines offer promotions that allow kids to sail free with new bookings to entice travelers - especially those looking for family cruises. Why not treat the kids to free cruise fares whether it's their first cruise vacation or they've been on many sailings?

Deals for kids sailing free on cruises in 2024

Our experts helped us compile a list of major cruise lines that will let kids cruise free or at reduced rates. Families looking to balance tighter budgets with a strong urge to go on an adventure together can also benefit from additional cruise fare saving on these kid-friendly cruise lines.

For Information: The promotion  does not include taxes, fees, port expenses, registration fees, insurance, flights, and airport transfers. Promotions will vary based on sailing date and availability.

Kids Sail Free Cruise Deals for 2024

1. Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line

Royal Caribbean has always been kid-friendly and has a loyal family following that appreciates its extensive kid-centric offerings, which include kid’s clubs, family-friendly entertainment, endless pools, water play areas, menus tailored to kids' tastes, a private island oasis called Perfect Day at CocoCay, and even kid-friendly spas. Several times throughout the year, Royal Caribbean offers free cruising for children aged 12 and under. A list of current Royal Caribbean promotions and the latest cruise deals can be found on our website. Children sail free promotions can disappear quickly if you don't see them immediately.

2. Norwegian Cruise Line

Its "Free at Sea" perks include kid-free cruises for kids and some great offers for couples. Norwegian Cruise Line is another kid-friendly cruise line. Its “Free at Sea” promotion typically consists of five freebies: free open bar, free specialty dining, free excursions, and port expenses, free Wi-Fi, and kids sail free for 3rd and 4th guests (for specific cruise departure dates; Thanksgiving, Easter, and spring break sailings are excluded). Visit our website for the latest Norwegian cruise offers (including "Free at Sea" and other limited time offers).

3. MSC Cruise Line

MSC Cruises offers free cruises for kids aged 18 and under in the same cabin as a parent. Those traveling with three or more children can also use an all-in-one pricing option. An entire cruise fare is charged to adults, 60 percent of the adult fare is charged to the second child under 18, and the remaining children pay reduced fares. Visit our website to learn more about MSC Cruises' cruise deals or check the valid departure date.

4. Holland America Cruise Line

Kids cruise free on select Holland America cruises to Asia, Alaska, the South Pacific, the Caribbean, New Zealand, and Indonesia. It offers free sailing for kids 18 and under on some cruises to Mexico, the Caribbean, and beyond. There's no guarantee that a kids cruise free promotion will last long. Still, Holland America Line urges cruisers to reserve right away because "this offer won't last long." In addition to discounts, Holland America offers onboard credit and balcony upgrades.

5. Regent Seven Seas Cruises

On select sailings during the summer and holiday season, Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers reduced fares for kids 17 and younger. Prices vary according to the voyage for children (or young adults) sailing as third or fourth guests in a suite. Throughout Alaska, Europe, the Caribbean, Panama Canal, and other destinations Regent offers, kids can enjoy unlimited complimentary shore excursions.

6. Carnival Cruise Line

However, Carnival offers several yearly promotions that make cruising more affordable for families. They also offer some great cruise deals. Carnival provides fun at an affordable price. They have a large fleet with tons of shipping options and great prices. Its BOLT rollercoaster and other activities live up to Carnival's reputation for fun. A comedy club, dine-in movies, live productions, and deck parties await you onboard. With buffets in the main dining room, cruisers will stay hungry. Several dining options are available on Carnival Celebration, their newest ship. Several high-profile celebrities have also endorsed their unique venues. Shaquille O'Neal, Carnival's Chief Fun Officer, offers Big Chicken, a basketball legend's favorite. The fleet also has a couple of restaurants by renowned tv host Guy Fieri. Kids and families love the whimsical Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast.

7. Disney Cruise Line

Families tend to choose Disney Cruise Line. There are many fun experiences and adventures to explore, whether you want to meet royalty, travel to a far-off land, or be a pirate. With the introduction of Disney Wish, the cruise line has stepped up its game. There is plenty to do onboard, even for the youngest guests. Free kids' clubs offer an array of age-appropriate activities and a place for kids to hang out. Disney favorites like The Little Mermaid are performed live, as well as waterslides. Take a break and watch Disney movies, such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. Onboard, guests can experience three different themed dining venues through their rotational dining options. Guests can also enjoy quick service, buffets, and dinner theatres on Disney ships. Disney cruises also include soda in the fare.

8. Princess Cruise Line

A variety of unique programs and excursions are offered through their partnership with Discovery. The Alaskan cruise line brings puppies and parrots to the Piazza onboard. Observe planets, stars, and galaxies in a planetarium indoors. Enjoy the superb cuisine at Princess with a lot of flexibility. Guests can make unique dining reservations daily with Dine My Way, personalizing their cruise dining experience. You can even order food and drinks onboard via OceanNow, its onboard technology makes these easier for families. 

FAQs for Free Kids Sail

When traveling with their parents, children under 18 may travel free. There is an additional charge for port taxes, registration fees, insurance, flights, and transfers. This promotion is not valid for every cruise line or every sailing. It’s best to check with one of cruise agents to ensure validity for your sailing.

In order to sail on a cruise, infants must be of at least 6 months of age on the first day of the cruise. The infant must be at least 12 months old as of the first day of the cruise for transatlantic, transpacific, Hawaii and select South American cruises.

Passports or birth certificates are required for children aged 17 and under to travel. Birth certificates or parents' Medicare cards are required for children under 16 without a passport or photo identification. Proper documentation for each guest is the sole responsibility of the traveler.

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