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COVID-19 and Cruising: Here’s How to Cruise in this Pandemic Outbreak on a Cruise

You will need to follow the safety guidelines on the cruise. With these guidelines, the chances of getting an infection are significantly less. Even the shore excursion rules are based on the below-mentioned guidelines.

By Cruise Booking Team

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As you all know that, the number of COVID-19 cases is still increasing day by day. So, too does time it will be until the cruise's return. And this pandemic has shutdown the cruising industry for more than six months… and might be longer. It is sure that when the cruising industry resumes its sailing, it will be complicated. Because they have already implemented their new strategies before cruising. The below mention things will be compulsory throughout the cruising journey, and these things are the only things that is announced so far.

Sail Again, But With Strict Rules That Will Keep You Safe from COVID-19

1. Temperature checks

One of the primary symptoms of COVID-19 is temperature. That’s why cruise lines are planning to use the thermos guns to check the cruisers' body temperature before they board. Even they will install the thermal cameras in terminals before embarkation. The cruise line has said that cruisers need to go through the temperature checks listed below.

Before boarding on the terminal

Upon returning to the ship from the port of call

Before entering into the dining area

Before opting for any public activity

Before embarkation and disembarkation

It means fellow cruisers will be checked multiple times throughout the day during their cruising.

2. Removal of self-serving food

Yup, you read it right. Self-serving food counters will be removed but don’t worry; the buffet will be there. The self-serving food system will get a small upgrade. You need to point out the food, and the crew member will serving it rather than helping it yourself. The days are gone where people fill their plates with food, including the bread, pizza, and fruit. Now, you have to point out your needs, and you will get the food served on the table. Moreover, cruise lines are planning to add food that is easy to wrap-grab-and-go at their cafes, restaurants, and buffets.

3. Social distancing

Social distancing is one of the significant steps added to the new set of protocols to keep the guests and crew safe and healthy. Cruise operators have told that there will decrease the passenger's capacity to maintain the social distancing. Even social distancing will be kept in the dining area, restaurants, poolside, onshore excursion, and other activities.

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4. Increased air filtration

This pandemic has changed the way of living and traveling. It has aware people about the air around us. People have started avoiding the indoors and opt for outdoor venues where they can get fresh air. When you are on a cruise, it is impossible to being inside, but you can’t sleep on the deck at night. That’s why cruises have increased their air filtration throughout the ship. Some cruise lines will use the medical-grade air filters across the vessel to remove those airborne pathogens. The increased air filtration system will help you to breathe easier.

5. Stateroom disinfection fogging

You shouldn’t be surprised if your cruise line is performing disinfection fogging. Cruise owners are taking this step to keep passengers healthy and safe from the COVID-19 virus. Thousands of people on the cruise who touches the elevators visit restaurants and bars, lounges, and staircases.

For example, Norwegian says that “they will disinfect the public areas and other high traffic areas onboard on the continuous basis throughout the journey.” Whereas, MSC cruise line says, “We will sanitize the public area and toilets hourly.” Other cruise lines also say that “they will keep all public area, passages, and high traffic area, as much cleanly as they can. They will be using a disinfection fogging system 2 to 10 times a day, depending on the location.

6. Staggered embarkation and online check-ins

All cruises give a proper time slot to their fellow passenger to avoid those long queues and rush at the port. But it has been seen for years that people always break that rule and arrive before the embarkation day.

But if you see today’s scenario, there is a prediction that people will have to follow that rule strictly from now onwards. This move will help to avoid long queues in the drop-off area, parking, and terminals. Thus, post-COVID will stagger arrivals and make it very easy for the cruise lines to process the cruisers, avoid people jams, and other things that include onboard crowded restaurants. Even stewards will also get time to settle your staterooms. They will able to do enhanced cleaning and sanitation of that room.

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7. Reduced capacity on the ships

All cruise lines will gradually ramp up the capacity as it will return to normal, making most of those early sailings. By doing that, you don’t have to wait in line to get into the main dining room, the theater, or even for onboard activities. They have already reduced the capacity on the ships. Thus, ensure that you book your sailing ASAP if you’re planning.

8. Onboard COVID Testing

If you think that how you can go on a cruise during this pandemic? Don’t worry; cruise lines have decided to do your onboard COVID testing before you board the cruise. They will have the test kits on board for all the fellow cruisers. Cruise line Virgin Voyages has said that “some basic tests of COVID-19 will be taken on board that includes cold, fever, or flu-like symptom. They will do proper body screening onboard free of charge.” All cruise lines will only allow people who are thoroughly screened and tested negative for COVID-19. Honestly, it is one of the most acceptable ways to prevent health and sailing.

9. Exceptions where you have to wear mask

Wear a mask is mandatory, but that doesn’t mean it is required everywhere. For example, the dining area is a notable exception. Seating in bars/lounges and restaurants should allow for physical distancing, so cruisers can eat and drink without covering their faces while seated. Because while you sit outdoor or indoor, if you’re sitting by maintaining the physical distance, you don’t need to protect your face. If you are not keeping the social distancing rule, you need to follow it.

The same goes for crew members. If they are communicating with other crew members or passengers, they need to wear a mask. When engaging with others, the mask will be compulsory onboard, indoor, and outdoor.

10. Medical conditions and disabilities

Those people who have rushed those health questionaries’ without reading might be in danger. The pre-board screening may well have to be backed up by doctor’s notes and adverse reports. Even the above guidelines also spell out recommendations for the passengers who have specific needs that prevent them from wearing a mask. Even cruise lines have decided that case-by-case exceptions may be granted for individuals wearing a medically suggested mask.

How long will it last?

The above guidelines will be a part of daily life for all cruisers. At present, nobody knows the scenarios, but the cruise lines will gradually return to cruising. You can find more about cruising life from our cruise inspiration section.

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