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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe

Here we have shared the list of 10 beautiful beaches in Europe that you must definitely visit with your loved ones.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Europe is famous because of its white-sand, rugged coastlines, and hard to beat photogenic beaches. It boards pristine coastlines, charming islands, secret coves, and quaint fishermen villages. With so many options, here are the top 10 which you can't refuse to visit.

10 Beautiful Beaches in Europe to Visit

1. Praia da Marinha Beach

Praia da Marinha beach in Portugal, Europe, is an iconic beach near Lagoa. The turquoise water, orange limestone cliffs, and iconic rock formations make the beach prettiest. Praia is located in the center of Algarve near the town of Lagoa and Carvoeiro. The ridges are sculptured by the effect of erosion and a series of caves hidden in the rocks. Take a tour to Praia da Marinha beach and relax at the beach. You can swim over a little hidden beach from a tunnel just to the east of the beach—an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

2. Isola Bella

Isola Bella is a tiny island at the seaside of Taormina is one of the unspoiled beaches. This islet is a nature reserve that is protected by the World Wide Fund. Here the water ranges from turquoise to deep blue and smooth sand. This bay on Sicily's west coast is perfect for swimming as there are no big rocks to stop you. Isola Bella's other name is Pearl of the Ionian Sea. It is a calm spot to watch the waves from the sand.

3. Beach of La Concha

The name Concha is given because of its remarkable regular shape. La Concha is stretched from the city hall till Pico Del Loro and is in the city's middle. It is one of the finest Spanish beaches. The beach is a long strip with golden sand, turquoise water, and brimming with people. The beach is linked to the city of San Sebastian, a famous place for tapas.

4. Navagio

Navagio is located on the North-West Coast of Zakynthos Island on the Greek Island and is famous as Shipwreck beach among the locals and tourists. Tall limestone cliffs and turquoise water surround the beach. The cliffs are 200 meters to the sky that makes this place worth visiting. Navagio is also known as Smugglers Cove and Agios Georgios.

5. Xi Beach

In the south of the Paliki Peninsula of Kefalonia, near the Lixouri town is famous as Xi beach. The beach is a shoreline with red sand and white rocky hills that is surrounding the beach. It has deep green-blue water and steep rocks, and the grey clay of stones creates stunning scenery. Here you will find sunbeds, lounging, restaurants, umbrellas, beach bars, and other water sports facilities.

6. Petani Beach

Petani Beach features the most modest pebble beach the runs along the green hills and several restaurants. It is also spelled as Petanoi and is in the North West of the Paliki peninsula. The magnificent beach almost has the same orientation as Myrtos to admire the sunset. Here you will be amazed by the bright blue color water surrounded by green hills and stunning scenery—a spectacular strand of white sand and pebble that's enough to attract a jaded mermaid.

7. As Catedrais Beach

As Catedrais beach isn't too hard to find, it is located ten kilometers east of Ribadeo on the Cantabria coast. It's another name is Praia das Catedrais that is given by the tourism industry. There are many onshore restaurants and cafes where you can eat and relax. It is a little known natural beach surrounded by natural arches 30 meters high in low tide. The continually changing landscape makes this place more attractive and worth visiting. The wind has carved away the softer parts of the rocks and has created caves systems. The beach is fully dramatic yet spectacular.

8. Agesta nude Beach

This beach is in Stockholm, Sweden. It is an officially nudist beach where everyone is welcome from around the world. It gives locals and visitors welcoming vibes by attracting them towards the sandy beach with running bluish water and a large grass area. There are many restaurants and resorts located on the bank of the beach. Some resorts are adult-only, so consider a check if you're going with your kids before visiting. The beach is maintained by NF EOS, the Scandinavian Naturalist Federation.

9. Lede Beach

In France, Lede Beach is not like ocean beaches because it doesn't have big waves and is kid-friendly. The Lede Beach is famous as Plage de la Lede. The beach is wide and long with pine trees, golden sand, and sound waves. In case you are interested in jungle hiking, you can visit the jungle. But right from the entrance, the beach is a meeting point for most liberal people. Gorgeous pine trees are standing in the golden sand, which can be your picnic spot for the day.

10. Cala Del Senyor Ramon Beach

Cala del Senyor Ramon is the longest and widest sand beach in Costa Brava. It is only accessible via trail but has many things to give you. People visit the beach, especially for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. You can spend your whole day swimming, playing in the golden sand, and spotting spectators that are hidden in the nearby forest. The region is named after the small coves of pristine beauty amidst the rugged coastline.


Europe never stops amusing when it comes to beach vacations. European seaside towns and villages are the hidden gems of European Culture. Just in case you are looking for your dream beach for your next holiday, this list will help you pick the right beach for your vacay.

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