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10 Beautiful Beaches in Croatia to Relax and Unwind Your Journey

Here are 10 of Croatia's best beaches for you to visit and have the best vacation ever.

By Cruise Booking Team

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With over 100 beaches and islands, the main tourist attraction in Croatia is its beaches. The white-pebble beaches and clear turquoise water make the miles of pristine continental Adriatic seaside. Read on for the best beaches in Croatia with endless fun and sun.

The 10 Most Outstanding Beaches in Croatia You Should Visit

1. Brsec Beach, Brsec

Brsec is an isolated beach with less crowd, clear sea, and great sun. Brsec is a small village that has a beautiful cove beach. This oasis is unspoiled by the human touch and is protected from unwanted looks. This thing makes the beach more peaceful and quite a perfect place for summer days. It is small in comparison to other Croatian beaches but gives spectacular views.

2. Kamenjak National Park, Istria

Kamenjak Beach lies in Istria's southernmost part and is referred to as RT Kamenjak or Cape Kamenjak. It can be called an outdoor paradise with adventures and beaches. Tourists are surprised by the unspoiled surrounding and picturesque nature that makes the park even more beautiful. Opt for different activities like cliff diving, swimming, snorkeling, hiking and biking, and walking. Take a nature walk along the beach and in the park to explore the hiking trails.

3. Oprna Beach, Krk

Oprna Beach is located at Stara Baska on Krk Island. Oprna is a dream beach for every tourist who visits Croatia because the beach is gravel with fine pebbles, stones, and rocks. The shallow and crystal clear water encourages you to snorkel and swim. It can be called an excellent gateway point in Croatia. You can also go for some aquatic and land activities like zip line, boat trips, go-kart, diving, sailing, surfing, and wakeboard. It might be hard to get on the beach but, you would love to spend time here on Oprna Beach.

4. Beach Mali Bok, Cres

Mali Bok is a natural reserve in Cres, Croatia, and is home to various birds. Cres Island is famous because of its hidden gems - Mali Bok. It has limited access as one needs to walk down a trail, and once you arrived there, you will experience a gorgeous place. The beach is a bit shallow with two bays, Spiaza and Bok, with calm and clear water.

5. Lubenice Beach, Lubenice

Lubenice Beach is also known as Sveti Ivan Beach. The word Lubenice means watermelons. The place during winter receives harsh snowfall, and it is not a rare phenomenon. The place doesn't have any person younger than 65 years and has two parallel streets without a name. The beach is crystal clear and is seated under the cliffs and old town. The position of the pebble beach makes it difficult to reach. From the clifftop, you will treat your eyes to a tiny paradise beach.

6. Punta Rata, Brela

The gorgeous and stunning Punta Rata Beach is located in Brela, Croatia. It is the most beautiful beach with crystal clear water and pebbly sand. The beach is well organized with modern amenities such as showers, sun shades, sunbeds, and several water sports. Apart from crystal clear water, the beach is also known for the trees' golden pebble and thick pine shadow.

7. Nugal Beach, Makarska

Nugal Beach is a small stretch of the soft white sand pebbled bay by the sheer rocky cliff located between the two towns – Makarska and Tucepi. It is accessible only by foot on a stony path from Makarska or Tucepi. Nugal is a hidden gem of Croatia that is visited by the naturist. It has the most notable feature, a waterfall that falls at the time of the rainy season. Whether you want some privacy or take a full splendor of the sea from clifft ops, Nugal Beach has everything required for fun and relaxation.

8. Banje Beach, Dubrovnik

Banje Beach is a pebble beach that lies at the eastern entrance to Dubrovnik. The beach is famous for its restaurants and clubs that bring the feeling of inner pleasure. The beach is closest to the old town and outside the Ploce Gate. Ancient Dubrovnik is one of the most famous ancient cities in the Mediterranean. You can access Banje Beach by walking for a few minutes from the old town's historic center. The nightclubs, restaurants, and lounges make the beach cooler and happening with a panoramic view.

9. Dubovica Beach, Hvar

Dubovica is a prominent place for a shore excursion situated 8 km east of the city of Hvar. The bay is pebbly, spacious, and has a unique underwater area. It is the most beautiful and natural beach on Hvar Island. The turquoise water, long pine trees, and pebbly walkway make this place more panoramic. It gives you the feeling that you're on your private island beach. It would help if you did, a bit of hiking to reach the tiny hamlet with a chapel, a manor, and fishermen's new houses.

10. Stiniva Beach, Vis

Stiniva Beach lies in the south of Vis Island in Croatia. The off-beaten path, clear water, and petite size make the place more attractive and worth visiting. Stiniva Beach is voted as the best-hidden beach in Croatia. It is accessible only by boat on the south coast of Vis Island. The island is surrounded by the high cliffs that hide the beach and is hardly visible from the open sea. To reach the beach, you can take a boat ride from the mainland port of Split and do some hikes to the island's south side.


Above we have mentioned the list of spectacular beaches of Croatia that you must definitely visit.

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