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Best 10 Beaches in Canada for Memorable Beach Holidays

The top 10 family beaches in Canada that are good for small wave surfing, high tides surfing and skiing, and other water sports activities, including the breathtaking landscapes, are sure to appeal to sun worshippers.

By Cruise Booking Team

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When you think about Canada, “beach” might not be the word. But the place has a fantastic collection of beaches. Indeed, they don’t have palm trees on their shores, but they have sand-dunes, cold-water, surfing, and many such things. So, here is proof that Canada can be your next beach vacation destination.

Here is the list of 10 beautiful beaches to visit in Canada.

1. Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Take a two-hour drive to the North of Toronto and reach one of the longest freshwater beaches in the world. A 14 km safe and sandy shore with breathtaking sunset views. It is a summer tourist attraction spot for winter and water sports, including snowmobiling and skiing. The warm and shallow water makes this place ideal for swimmers. The best time to take an escape to Wasaga Beach is from June to September.

2. Sombrio Beach, British Columbia

This beach lies in the capital region of British Columbia and southeast of the settlement of Port Renfrew. It is a hidden gem for surfers and less crowded with more privacy and inviting. It is a part of Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. When you hike inside, you will find two unique waterfalls, one is inside a slot canyon, and another decants straight into the ocean from the hidden bay. The best time to visit Sombrio beach is from May to October, with fewer crowds and lots of daylight.

3. Grand Beach, Manitoba

It is a hub for swimmers, hikers, strollers, and windsurfers. Many people come here, mostly to play volleyball. The dunes here reach up to 40 feet. It is the sixth-largest lake with a powdery white sand beach. Visit early morning or evening when birds are most active. The best time to visit Grand Beach is from June to August during the summers.

4. Baie De Beauport, Quebec

Experience the white sand beach with a lively summer community near the downtown of Quebec. Baie De Beauport is known as a swath of sand that overlooks the St. Lawrence River. You can go for water sports like kayaking, windsurfing, swimming, diving, and others. You can spend your entire day here by visiting the play area, park, restaurants, and food trucks. There is also a water park. The best time to see this is from May to October.

5. Shallow Bay Beach, Newfoundland

Shallow Bay Beach is a place with shallow water and abundant birdlife. This beach is the finest in The Rock’s National Park. The long-mile of fine white sand makes this place more inviting and pleasing. This beach warm-up the swimming temperature in summer and makes it a perfect place for a weekend gateway. This place is beautiful year-round, but the best time to visit is late May to Mid-October. During that time, you can spot whales and even some icebergs. Talk a walk along the beach and enjoy the views.

6. Baltee Island, 100 Wild Islands

Head out to Baltee Island that is a part of the 100 Wild Islands, where you can set up the camp. Start paddling a kayak from Tangier is the most pleasant way to arrive. Here there is a white-sand cove with zero people. If you’re taking a paddle boat and travel between Tangier Island and Outer Island, then you can find an ice spot. Go for the swimming and exploring activity at the isolated beach.

7. Candle Lake, Saskatchewan

A water body almost 65km northeast of Prince Albert is attracting families and groups for summers. It is a well-maintained lake at the edge of the great boreal forest. The water is calm and crystal with warmer days. Like other lakes in Saskatchewan, this lake is also a key fishing hot spot. When you go to these beaches, you can also visit the other two beaches, namely Minowukaw and Waskateena. Both the beaches are inviting and sandy.

8. Chesterman Beach, Tofino

Tofino has twin beaches that lie, one in North and another one in South Chesterman. Both of them offer you excellent surf-year round, campfire friendly, and off-leash of dogs. This town boasts some of the world’s most beautiful coastlines. You can take a walk along the beach and visit both of them. You can walk over the tombolo at ebb tide separating the two sand areas, while on high tide, they become similar.

9. Sauble Beach, Bruce Peninsula

If you are looking for a destination that is more than for sunbathing, swimming, and sand, then visit Sauble Beach. This beach is famous for offshore activities such as cycling, hiking, dunes, and Aerial Park, fishing, and summer events. It is an 11-kilometer long beach that is second in size to Wasaga Beach in the entire province. Along with natural sand, you will find purple, pink, and magenta striped bands of sands.

10. Bennett Beach, Carcross

Bennett is one of the few sandy beaches in Yukon. It is a shallow lake and warms up a bit more than other sub-arctic waterbodies. The cold breeze offers excellent wind sports opportunities. It has everything perfect for a beach day. You can go swimming, fishing, sunbathing, including water sports like powerboating and paddling.


If you want to soak your toes into the warm sand and hair into the salty water, then these above-mention beaches are best. You can go to a small vacay, or it can be a weekend getaway.

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