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Cruises to Canada

About Canada


Its glacier-fed lakes, stunning coastlines, and French-language cities charm visitors. It has a colonial and indigenous history and is called the Great White North. Explore the European-styled Old Town of Quebec City and Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal on a Canada cruise. St. John's, Newfoundland, has 80 miles of trails that take you out of the urban jungle and onto wild terrain. Climb Bear Mountain in Victoria. Visit the Coast Mountains outside Vancouver and zip-line or bungee jump.

Canada Highlights

Here are some of the critical highlights of Canada. Here you will come across the Canadian province's nature, history, and cuisine.

1. Nature

There are many beautiful places to visit in the Northeast, Iceland, and Greenland, including lush evergreen forests, quaint lakes, and thundering waterfalls. In Acadia National Park, you can hike incredible trails and discover hidden valleys. You can kayak in Jordan Pond, a glacier-formed lake with crystal-clear water. Take a walk along the paths in Point Pleasant Park in Nova Scotia to appreciate the view of the harbor and the beauty of nature. A Canadiancruise will leave you breathless with its natural beauty.

2. History

Get a taste of history with historical attractions and landmarks. The Peggy's Cove and lighthouse of Nova Scotia is a must-visit place along with the Citadel National Site of Halifax. An ancient military fort built in the early 19th century with a breathtaking view of Dartmouth harbor and Angus Macdonald Bridge. While sailing in Canada, discover Quebec City's fascinating history in Old Quebec (Vieux-Québec). A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this well-preserved neighborhood on the St. Lawrence River's bank was first inhabited by the French over 400 years ago and is now part of the city's harbor.

3. Culinary

On a cruise to Canada or New England, you'll be able to enjoy food and drink like locals in every city and town you visit. It's never a problem to find fresh seafood straight from the sea. The taste of this fantastic lobster can be enjoyed in a lobster roll or as a perfectly steamed crab claw smothered in butter. Find delicious French crepes, savory Poutine, eggs benedict, and more at one of the many fine French restaurants in Quebec City.

Ports to Visit in Canada

Discover Saint John's world-famous high tides. Halifax offers a glimpse into Canada's maritime and colonial past. Vancouver offers snow and sand. You may also enjoy Victoria, Canada's prettiest provincial capital. To know more about these ports, read here

1. Quebec City, Quebec

You can sample France without crossing the Atlantic in Quebec City. See the star-shaped La Citadelle, an active military garrison and sprawling fortress that was once a colonial palace. Place Royale, a picturesque plaza commemorating French civilization's birth in North America is also a national historic site. Visit the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac hotel's iconic 1608 Wine and Cheese Bar for a real treat, where you can sample some of the best Quebecois cheeses in the city. The Montmorency Falls outside the city are higher than Niagara Falls at 275 feet and worth a visit. Most Quebeckers can converse in French and English fluently, but a well-placed "Bonjour!" in the daylight goes a long way. A suitable greeting at night is "Bonsoir."

2. Halifax, Nova Scotia

In Halifax, the provincial capital of Nova Scotia, you can visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, which keeps an extensive collection of Titanic memorabilia, including the ship's only surviving deck chair. The Canadian Museum of Immigration is on Pier 21, where most ships tie-up. The pretty seaside town of Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is less than an hour's drive from the city, or you can meander through Peggy's Cove, which has a lighthouse, rocky inlets, and seaside lobster restaurants.

3. Saint John, New Brunswick

The picturesque city of Saint John, New Brunswick, is located along the north shore of the Bay of Fundy. During high tide, the Saint John River is sent tumbling through the swirling seawater at the world's highest tidal range, sending 100 billion tons of swirling seawater into the river. If you're feeling adventurous, you can usea jetboat through the rapids at Reversing Falls or kayak and cookout with lobsters in the sum. The same Saint John City Market building has been operating since 1876 and is a favorite among foodies.

4. Victoria, British Columbia

The Victoria city of British Columbia delivers a fantastic blend of outdoor adventure and British pomp. In this metro city, you can admire and enjoy watching the Victorian architecture at Craigdarroch Castle or else take a meal at the Oldest Chinatown. Take a walking tour of "Garden City" or experience cycling in the "Cycling Capital of Canada." You can find every kind of adventure in Victoria, from whistling orcas to glow-in-the-dark scorpions at the Bug Zoo.


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