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Best Things to Do in Saint John, New Brunswick

In search of solitude? Saint John, New Brunswick, invites every traveler, wanderer, and seeker to experience the elixir of the Georgian era. Here are the 5 best things to do in Saint John.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Located on the Bay of Fundy, Saint John, New Brunswick, is a seaport city in the Atlantic Ocean. Packed with rich history, the city has preserved a slice of its land for history enthusiasts particularly interested in Georgian history. Apart from that, the city also has one and only reverse fall in the world. This incredible phenomenon is caused when bay tides collide with the Saint John River.

What to do in Saint John, New Brunswick?

Here are the 5 Best Things to do in Saint John:

1. Reversing Falls Rapid

One of the gorgeous natural phenomena occurs when the two massive water bodies, The Bay of Fundy tides and the Saint John River, collide. As a result, water reverses its direction making this the unique attraction in Saint John, New Brunswick. With plenty of places to give you a view of this marvel of nature, you can witness it from both sides of the river, but the best view is from Reversing Fall Bridge which connects the narrowest part of the gorge and the new Skywalk Saint John.

To enhance the overall mesmerizing view, there is a reverse zip line activity on top of the giant gorge from where you can look at this enchanting phenomenon from the top.

2. Irving Nature Park

With the intention to protect the environment and about 11Km of the Bay of Fundy shoreline, the Irving Nature Park is home to more than 200 species of migratory and marine birds, along with Harvard Seals. You can find long stretching trails of various lengths. The landscape changes every couple of hours because of the tides coming from The Bay of Fundy, and the view is scenic with a long sandy beach.

The best part is all this is for free. Free access, free parking, and long thrilling trails with the beauty of nature as companions.

3. New Brunswick Museum

Filled with a rich history and lots of artefacts’ and antiques that date back to the Georgian era, the New Brunswick Museum is one of Canada's oldest museums that exhibits mesmerizing art pieces and over 50000 species including the skeleton of the great white whale. Natural history in itself spans over 300 million years of research and evolution.

The archive consists of a vast amount of material and recorded history. In those archives, the recorded history of the water routes, the early development of railway routes, the making of ports, and the experience of living in a lumber camp are preserved by many historians.

There are also separate galleries that are made for kids, such as the studio setup where the kids can read the news in an old recording studio. Overall, the history captured inside the magnificent building is unparallelled and delightful to see, experience and witness.

4. Loyalist House

One of the oldest buildings in Saint John, the Loyalist House, survived the great fire of 1877. The loyalist House was completed in 1817 and was home to the prosperous Merrit family, who stayed here until 1958. In 1961, it was taken by the New Brunswick Historical Society.

Filled with immense history, the house has been preserved for centuries. From the inside, the house represents the lifestyle of aristocrats during the Georgian era. You can witness the elegant and tasteful design that is charming and pleasing to the eyes.

5. Prince William Street

There are twelve public and commercial buildings covering two blocks of the street. The architectures of these buildings are primarily from the late 19th century, which adds an aesthetic look and a unique design to the block. This is a natural, historical place, and you can find the Saint John Anglican Church here, which is known for its aesthetic middle-age design and fascinating architecture.

Key Takeaways

Saint John, New Brunswick offers a blend of beauty and history, and the way the city has preserved its authenticity and aesthetic is appealing to the masses. People often visit the place and later they find themselves in love with the city.

Apart from mind-boggling views, there are many amazing things to do in Saint John, such as discovering the beauty along the various trails of Irving National park, reverse fall, and witnessing an entire street dedicated to history. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that Saint John, New Brunswick, is a must-visit place for wanderers and travelers.

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