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Top things to do in Montevideo

The capital city of Uruguay has lots of history and culture, which is enough reason to visit Montevideo. Filled with historical monuments and beaches, the city offers many top things to do in Montevideo.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay, which is situated in South America. Being surrounded by the shore of Ria de la Plate, it is jammed packed with rich history, cultural and traditional events, some of the best beef in the world, and of course, beaches.

The city has a lot to offer, especially for travelers and wanderers who are visiting here for the first time. So here is the list of top 5 things to do in Montevideo

5 Best Things to Do in Montevideo

1. Plaza Independencia

Walking around the Plaza Independencia, this is the city's main square where you can find The Palacio Salvo, the tallest building in South America until 1935. This is now a world heritage site and a famous tourist attraction. Here at the Plaza Independencia, you can also find the Gateway to Citadel, which protected the city during the colonial era. Now it is an entrance to the old town, which is packed with eateries, gift shops, museums, and more. This is the central hub where most of the monuments, tourist spots and restaurants, are available within walking distance.

2. Pittamiglio Castle

It is a magical place, unique to Uruguay. The castle acts as a museum that holds an eccentric delicacy in its decoration and architecture. A walk around the property will be a pleasant and informative one where you will get to know the history and the story behind this magnificent building and also gain knowledge about the man who created it. Behind the castle, there is a Japanese theme garden which is a well-known place to relax and unwind.

3. Fortaleza del Cerro

Overlooking the Bay of Montevideo, the Fortaleza del Cerro was a Spanish fortress housing, now acting as a museum situated on top of a hill. It is a small museum, but it is worth the visit for the panoramic scenery with an unparalleled view of Montevideo. Here in the museum, you can take a peek into the rich and vivid history of Uruguay along with a mind-boggling view of the city and its coastline. You can also see the different artillery used to protect the city from invaders.

4. Parque Rodó

This central residential area is packed with many things to do and visit. First of all, Uruguay conducts the longest carnival, which lasts up to 40 days. Almost every person from the residential area participates in this carnival, and the preparation of this carnival begins early. Walking around Parque Rodó, you can encounter small groups practicing for the carnival in some of the oldest parks scattered around the area. Here at Parque Rodó, you can also find gift outlets and traditional shops under the shade of trees where you can browse and purchase souvenirs.

Apart from these cultural events, you may also visit the boating lake or the National Museum of visual arts.

5. De Los Pocitos Beach

The Bay of Montevideo surrounds the city and it has so many beaches to explore. De Los Pacitos Beach is one such marvelous place. Situated near the heart of the city, the scenic beach is quite spectacular and known for its boardwalk, beachfront activities, and sunset. After a long day tour around the city, visit here to relax and unwind. The scenic experience of the city of Montevideo will leave you enchanted by its vivacious beauty.

Key Takeaways

Close to nature, Uruguay is a country that believes in preserving its tradition and culture. Montevideo, being the capital city of Uruguay, serves as the beacon that shines in favor of all the values mentioned above. Montevideo is filled with rich history that hooks you instantly. Here you can find culture that locals have been preserving for years. This is a city which fulfills all your vacation wishes- filled with world heritage, beaches, castles, forts and rich history. A place worth visiting once in a lifetime.

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