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Top Magnificent Lakes in Alaska

Wish to explore the hidden beauty of Alaska? Here’s a list of the top 5 magnificent lakes in Alaska.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you are planning a vacation that not only leaves you with memories for a lifetime but feeds your soul with the serene beauty of your surroundings, then Alaska is the place to be. Along with the most beautiful lakes in Alaska, you can explore the dense mountains and trek around to find hidden gems throughout the way. Alaska is full of national parks and is also a wildlife hub to show you the side of a state that is far away from the city hustle and bustle. Kayak around the Glacier Bay National Park or dive into the wilderness at the highest peak in North America at the Denali National Park and Preserve.

Take a Cruise on the Most Beautiful Lakes in Alaska

To soak in the culture and history of one of the largest states in America, while making the most of the scenery and the wildlife, there is no better medium than to choose a cruise to make the trip all the more exciting. Given the numerous water bodies within Alaska, there are multiple top-line cruises that not only allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the state but also offer the best stay.

You can choose from Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Bliss which takes you around to multiple locations in Alaska, with ample time for you to explore the beauty of the top 5 magnificent lakes in Alaska while sipping your favorite cocktails.

Top 5 Magnificent Lakes in Alaska

When it comes to nature, Alaska has over 3 million lakes out of which only 3000 have names and others are considered wild bodies. No matter whether you enjoy outdoor experiences, love photography, or have a knack for wildlife, the 5 must-visit lakes in Alaska will surely make for the best addition to your trip. Let us look at the top 5 magnificent lakes in Alaska below.

1. Mendenhall Lake

Placed right next to the Alaskan Glacier, the Mendenhall Lake is considered a south-eastern treasure for Alaska. Almost a mile and a half stretch of the lake within the Tongass National Forest towards the north of Juneau lies a breathtaking sight for the eyes, the Mendenhall Glacier.

2. Lake Clark

As a top favorite destination for bear viewing, Lake Clark’s National Park and Preserve attract wildlife lovers with its rich and striking scenic beauty and dense wilderness. As one of the largest lakes in the state, it is on the list of 5 must-visit lakes in Alaska. Along with this, it is also a spot that pays homage to the native Alaskan Dena’ina. Take a cruise from the southwest of Anchorage to reach this lake and let the beauty seep in slowly on your trip.

3. Wonder Lake

One of the most popular lakes in Alaska in the Denali National Park is Wonder Lake. The lake is spread out over three and a half miles. Wonder Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Alaska. It is a dream destination for all campers and hikers and poses to be a photographer’s dream spot for capturing the beauty of the still water. On rare occasions, the Denali Mountain might also be visible through the clouds from this lake spot.

4. Kenai Lake

Situated right outside Seward, Kenai Lake is one of the top 5 magnificent lakes in Alaska as it is filled with natural treasures of the state. With the mesmerizing green and blue hues of this water body that is surrounded by the Chugach National Forest, it poses to be a sight to be captured for a postcard. It follows a zigzag shape and flows over 20 miles. Book a boat or a kayak to make the most of this scenic lake or head up on any of the hiking trails.

5. Auke Lake

Auke Lake is not only one of the most beautiful lakes in Alaska but also offers a rich look into the culture and history of the areas around it. Take a dip into the water, enjoy fishing, or soak in the beautiful sights around you while sailing through Auke Lake, which also offers the great backdrop of Mount McGinnis for memorable photographs.

Final Words

Booking a trip to the top 5 magnificent lakes in Alaska during the seasonal time between May and September is the ideal time. Along with these lakes, the rich wilderness of the state will surely give you memories for a lifetime and a camera roll full of adventure and scenic beauty captures. To make the most out of your trip by adding utmost comfort, booking one of the top cruise lines to explore the history and culture of Alaska is the best choice.

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