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Halifax, Nova Scotia
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Best Things to do in Halifax, Nova Scotia

If you are cruising to New England, then chances are you have a stop in Halifax. Check out our list of the top 5 things to do in Halifax.

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One of the most fantastic cities in Canada, Halifax is home to some of the unique features in the world. This small city has a beautiful waterfront and an easily navigable downtown. There is also a rumor that it has the most bars per capita than any other city in Canada.

If you plan to visit now or anytime soon, here is a list of 5 things to do in Halifax.

5 Best Things to Do in Halifax, Nova Scotia

1. Visit the Maritime Museum of Atlantic

Visiting the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is one of the most fun things to do in Halifax. If you are visiting Halifax, Nova Scotia, during the day, it is going to be a great stop. The best part about this museum is that you will get to learn about the maritime history of Canada. It is also known to showcase the marine heritage of the city.

The main theme of this museum is based on the life history of the seas from the late 1800s to today. Inside this museum, different sections are dedicated to the victims of the Titanic. They also have a separate section dedicated to the Halifax Explosion’s victims that took place in 1917.

2. Visit Alexander Keith’s Brewery

What to do in Halifax, Nova Scotia list does not end without paying a visit to the Brewery of Alexander Keith. This brewery is all about good food, great music, amazing people, and obviously great beer.

When you enter this brewery, make sure to have plenty of time because you are going to get lost in the fantastic stories of Alexander Keith - the man behind these beers.

The guides will take you on a tour where they will show you around and spill some facts and amazing life stories about this man. In addition to acquiring some knowledge, you will also get the chance to taste some of the classic beers that this place has.

3. Historic Properties

Historic Properties are one of the oldest belongings of this city. It dates back to the 1800s, when the seas were ruled by the Privateers. Back then, they had a collection of warehouses which were restored by the people in 1963. These warehouses are now declared a significant area of national historical importance in the country.

Visiting this place will provide you with some idea about the people who lived in those times. In addition to history, you will also be able to find restaurants and boutique shops inside, which have been built after restoring this place.

4. Visit The Farmer’s Market of Halifax

The Halifax Farmer’s Market is the best place to grab items for your picnic. You can visit with your friends, your family or even with kids. Do not miss a stop here even if you have no plans for shopping.

5. Visit The Public Gardens of Halifax

Visiting the public gardens is one of the most fun things to do in Halifax. It is the ideal place for picnics. The garden has a fantastic ambience and is also the best spot for nature lovers.

They have different flower beds along with trees of various kinds and shapes. These gardens are also open for event bookings.

Ways to Reach Halifax, Nova Scotia

If you are planning to visit from within the country, you can always opt for roadways or trains. You can also opt for flights and cruises in case you are willing to visit from an outlying area. This is the list of some of the fantastic things that you can do in Halifax. There are many more things that are equally interesting and amazing. Make sure to enjoy yourself to the fullest with your friends and friends.

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